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Porter Robinson: Remember This From Worlds Tour?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Zack Long

By now many of you have probably had the amazing opportunity to see Porter Robinson's incredible new Worlds tour. If you are anything like me then you probably have a lot of memories from it too. From the incredible vibes to the outstanding music and visuals, Porter Robinson put on a show that will forever be inscribed in my head as one of the best. If you did not have the opportunity to catch his show, check out one his latest videos in a series of updates about the tour.
I have been following Porter Robinson and all of his video updates for quite sometime. Occasionally I would scroll through the comments just to see what people had to say about one of my favorite shows. Things like: "You gotta make a live DVD!" or "Man, come back and do it again soon!" It was nice to see so many people understand and love what Porter is doing. Among the many comments that I was scrolling through there was one in particular that stood out to me: "Wow, that stag skull." Not sure what that means? Let me refresh your memory. Remember this moment from the Worlds Tour? Porter Robinson stagYeah, this moment. I remember the insane amount of bass that Porter used to transition into his massive live edit of "Fresh Static Snow." I was in such awe at what I was seeing on the screen, and was quite literally being shook to my core by the rumble of the bass. That stag skull is something I will never forget. Just being in that moment, dancing away to all of the new Worlds tracks, it truly was a masterpiece of a show. Whatever happened to that gut-punching live edit of "Fresh Static Snow" though? Well, do we have a little surprise for you, just in time for the holidays too! Porter Robinson gift A very kind and generous producer by the name of Andiba seemed to be hooked on this moment too from the Miami Worlds tour stop. He decided to try and make a rework of the incredible live version of "Fresh Static Snow," and it is pretty dang close to the real thing. Not only that, but it is available as a free download! Yes, you read that right. Press that play button and get taken back to that rattling moment when the stag skull blasted through the screen and the bass rocked through your entire body. Let us know what you think of the track, and don't forget to click that download button for your free download! Huge thanks to Andiba! Enjoy!

Porter Robinson - Fresh Static Snow (Andiba "Worlds" Rework)