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All You Need Is Autograf's Latest ODESZA Remix!

Friday, February 13, 2015
Nolan Oribello

"This is not a tactic to expose you, babe..."

"All We Need" has always been the standout track of ODESZA's In Return; the shiniest of gems amongst the tracklist of treasures. I have to admit that when I first heard it, I almost dismissed it entirely; in it's first few seconds, I was tricked into thinking it was gonna be another tropical sounding tune with twinkling effects and island-style percussions that the cool kids seem to prefer now that they're too hip for deep house. As Shy Girls's vocals began creeping in, something told me to wait, to hold on, to "give this one a chance." And then the bass hit, followed by the beats and claps. Shy seductively serenades his way through ODESZA's deftly crafted combination of whimsical electronic melodies and R&B-inspired drums. I was hooked. It was surprisingly refreshing and only elevated ODESZA further up the pillar I had already placed them on.

ODESZA - All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) (Autograf Remix)

Autograf brings us another head-nodding, tastefully done remix. The brisker pace and punchy bass drums make for an edgier translation while the vocal track, albeit not completely intact, is toyingly tweaked and tuned. This approach succeeds in keeping the identity of the source material while creating its own and continues the trio's penchant for producing quality remixes. ODESZA. Shy Girls. Autograf. Familiarize yourself with these names if you haven't already. We all may come back to this tune a year or so from now and realize that this was a particularly special alignment of stars.