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Mat Zo releases radically different tune

Saturday, April 04, 2015
Natalie Barman

British producer Mat Zo released a new song, "Into the Unknown" featuring Christine Jamra, that takes a sharp turn away from the artist's previous work. Mat Zo declared on Facebook "Someone said I only make dancing music," which prompted him to upload "Into the Unknown" on to SoundCloud. He writes that the song, which he produced last year but never released, is "very much not dance music." The producer- known for his often sarcastic remarks on Twitter and other social media- wrote on Facebook that "you can decide if its an april fools prank or not." True to his word, the song is far from the dance music beats that Mat Zo sometimes (not always, as "someone" apparently said; Damage Control has a number of songs that are not made for dancing) creates. The song blends a variety of instrumental sounds, including a piano, guitar, and, synthesizer. The beat and Jamra's vocals unify as the song progresses, creating a sound that is not quite dance music but still distinctly electronic. This new release shows off Mat Zo's versatility as a producer and, as he wished, quells any arguments that he only makes dance tunes. Check it out here.