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F.O.O.L. is the New Dark “Knight”

Tuesday, April 07, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

This ain’t no April Fool’s joke. Amidst the many pranks pulled (quite a few of them included Paris Hilton) Monstercat dropped the first single from F.O.O.L.’s new EP, Knight. The lead single “Knight” is a look into the dirty side of the electro genre as F.O.O.L. blows our mind with amazing synth work and an amazing drum kick. F.O.O.L. Artist Dark Rave When I listen to this song I think about a dark room rave scene at its best. Lasers flood the irises of all the fans in the room as the DJ spins through his obscure library. The Swedish artist definitely has taken a note from the European electro scene as “Knight” keeps the heart rate and beat at a break neck speed without sacrificing quality.

F.O.O.L. – Knight

The breakdown of the song comes in at the 2:40 mark as F.O.O.L. changes the beat into the always popular 140 bpm, creating an excellent drop that will make anyone smile. The song ends too soon as I could listen to this throughout an entire set. If this song is any indication of what the EP is going to be, we are in for an excellent electro EP from F.O.O.L. Check out the Swede’s social media profiles including Facebook and Twitter. If you preorder the Knight EP, you receive “Knight” as an instant download so preorder now or purchase when it gets released April 20th.

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