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20syl slows beat on latest release

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Natalie Barman

French producer 20syl has demonstrated his production versatility time and time again. His new track "Swimming Stone" falls right in the line with this pattern. The song, which is the second release off his forthcoming EP, "Motifs II," may surprise fans who are accustomed to the upbeat tempos on 20syl's popular "Thinking Out Loud" or "Sing that shit" remixes. "Swimming Stone" is slow and melodic. The vocals poetically match the relaxed beat, which is much different from the high-energy sounds on the first release off of the EP, "Back & Forth." The contrast between these two tracks suggests that "Motifs II" is going to showcase a variety of production and provide listeners with a wreath of vibes. Give "Swimming Stone" a listen right here.