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Interview: Danny Ray Talks on Recent Productions, San Diego, and Upcoming Collabs

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Chris Bergin

Never heard of Danny Ray? He's a huge talent hailing from San Diego who's about to absolutely blow up. For the past decade he's been grinding on the scene, producing track after track in attempts to gain exposure. Danny's built quite a relationship with SIZE Records, as can seen by his feature in Max Vangeli's Code Radio, and Steve Angello's BBC Radio 1 Residency. Have a listen to Danny's new track "Alba," and check out our interview below!

** We sat down with Danny to discuss his production process & inspirations **

OTB: From what I could gather, you've been producing tunes for a solid 2 years. Has music production always been an aspiration of yours? Danny: I have actually been producing for over 10 years! My first release was under my real name for Mixmash, I did a track called Memory Lane. Then came GRIM, Bang The Drumz, My Marked I EP, and now Alba. I have just been in the dark this whole time working my ass off trying to perfect what I love to do, I was always too scared to go out and about to show some half assed shit. So I worked and worked until I sounded professional. OTB: What instruments do you play? Listening to your recently released track “Rock Your Body” leads me to assume you play some guitar… Danny: I actually don’t (yet!) I was always into drums, In Jr High I was part of the schools marching band and had my own drum set at home. So I always loved to jam to music. Metallica was a huge inspiration to me as well. I also do know how to play the keys though. I have been challenging myself to learn the piano for the past 2-3 years or so. OTB: How’d you go about meeting Max Vangeli & the rest of the S I Z E family? Have you ever made the 8-hour trek from San Diego to San Francisco to see Vangeli? Danny: Max and I have been friends for a very very long time! He is like family to me. We met online actually through Laidback Luke’s forum. There is a section there where you can upload your demos and get feedback from other members. At the time he was working on his very first track, so I reached out to him, exchanged AIM Handles and here we are :). Max introduced me to the rest of the crew! they are truly special and humble people. Size studio sessions in burbank was an amazing time! I have been to SF many times, last I flew to SF was for one of his shows at Ruby Skye. I had tons of air points to convert before the year ran out so thats what I did haha. OTB: Hailing from San Diego you must have some favorite hometown venues, what are some of the best clubs to play? Also, on a side note, did you get a chance to check out CRSSD Festival this year? The lineup looked unreal. Danny: Believe it or not, I hardly go out here in SD. I am always busy locked up in my studio. Obviously whenever DJ friends are in town I come out and support, other than that I sit my ass at home and work! Voyeur was one of my fav. places to play at (RIP). Now Bassmnt is the go to spot for the time being. CRSSD Fest I missed out on, I was working my studio :P OTB: You just dropped a new track, “Alba” with Flatdisk and Xaver. Could you tell us a bit about the production process? I’d imagine a large amount of skype / dropbox-ing was required to collab with the Italians. Danny: Ahh Alba was finished about roughly a year ago! there was chatting back and forth but never any Skype calling. Production was a breeze, they sent me stems which made everything easy to work with. I just took the project, do what I do and viola! :P OTB: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen at a gig? Danny: Good question. I don't remember! haha. It’s probably best left unsaid. OTB: Do you have any pre-show rituals / routines? I always call my mom before a gig; she tells me I’m special… Danny: Yes! I make sure I have plenty of Jägger or tequila in my system before I go on. OTB: I’ve heard you’re a bit of a FIFA fanatic, what’s your go to squad? I’d pose a challenge, but I sold my Xbox to upgrade my DAW (peace out garageband) Danny: Yes I am actually; I’m a huge Barcelona fan, I hope they win the Champions League this weekend! I also play Inter Milan too. OTB: Lastly, any upcoming collabs / summer plans you’d like to tell us about? Danny: I have another record coming out soon with a young talent from Australia, his name is Will K. It will be out on VOID Records too! No summer plans yet, maybe I’ll visit the island (Ibiza). We’ll see!

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