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Step “Inside” with Au5 and Danyka Nadeau

Sunday, June 14, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Who needs a driving progressive electro track for the summer?

I certainly do. With summer right around the corner (well... technically it's already here) it’s time to break out the sunglasses, swimsuits and the hands-in-the-air electronic music. When you’re in that mood to get pumped up or are hitting the peak time of the party, throw on this new Au5 track and let your mind go crazy with Danyka Nadeau’s vocals in “Inside.”

Au5 – Inside (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

After partnering together on “Crossroads” which was featured on 020 – Altitude, Au5 brings us something a bit different from his trance-dubstep crossovers with a unique track, this time combining electro with the big sound of progressive house. If you were an early adopter of Au5 no need to worry about the genre as he still puts as much emotion and melodic touch in this track as he has in all his others. The driving synth melody is accentuated with room shaking bass as Danyka sends chills through your body before Au5 takes over and builds the track a progressive electro drop smashing your ears with bass and head-bobbing synth. My favorite part is the second half of the drop as Austin Collins takes you on a journey with the wandering synthesizer. Danyka’s vocals come back as Au5 prepares you for a second drop, guaranteed to make you smile.

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Au5 continues to be a shining light on the Monstercat label as he masters his production skills allowing him to intertwine genres to create must hear tracks. Listening to this level of skill is a privilege and I only wish the best for Austin as a producer along with Danyka as she continues to develop her vocals and becomes evermore an integral part of great music. Give Au5 and Danyka Nadeau some love in the comments below along with giving them a follow and like on Facebook and SoundCloud. Check out all of Monstercat’s other releases on their website and purchase the song from Beatport or Bandcamp, with iTunes support coming soon.