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INTERVIEW: Corey James discusses Festivals, "Tenpaku", & Recent Collabs

Wednesday, July 08, 2015
Chris Bergin

Earlier this week, OTB sat down with Corey James, aka 'Liverpool's best kept secret' (Dancing Astronaut). Corey's had an incredible summer, and is riding high after his recent release, "Collage" on Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings. The young producer is set to take 2015 by storm after having his tracks played out at some of the biggest festivals around the world; thanks to both Dash Berlin and Nicky Romero. Likewise, Corey's received support from Tritonal, Afrojack, Sander van Doorn, David Guetta, and Knife Party, so don't just take my word for it, this guy's going to be huge.

** Throw on the mix above, and check out the interview below! **

OTB: Let’s start at the beginning of your professional music career; what inspired you to create your highly successful free download “Malanti”? By that point you’d released a few huge bootlegs (“lights”) and remixes (“Clash” & “We Are”), but “Malanti” received both plays & praise from upwards of 14 legendary DJ’s…any idea what helped you get noticed? Corey: Malanti was a collaboration with Masson, two guys I have spoken to via social media for approximately two years. We got the inspiration to make Malanti after hearing the amazing vocal sample. We then had a few Skype sessions and also got together in the studio, the rest is history, Malanti was born! I think the key to getting noticed is to put out music of a good standard that you believe in, staying consistent is also a huge help when it comes to getting noticed too. OTB: Tracking further backwards, what got you started in music production? Also, what were your first instrument / music editing / production tools you used? Audacity & Virtual DJ were my first production / DJ tools.. Corey: I started making music about 3 years ago I had eJay or something like that on my computer and I always loved music but I didn’t think it was possible for just anybody to make it I thought you needed a big studio etc. One of my best friends then told me he had this software (FL studio) that all the producers make their music on. The first night he told me about it I spent 12 hours on his computer fascinated by it. After 6 months on FL Studio I bought a Mac and switched to Logic 9 and ever since that is what I have used. My most used production tool since I started making music would have to be Sylenth and my first musical instrument was a drum kit too. When it comes to DJ software I just use Rekordbox to organise my set. OTB: Growing up in Liverpool you must have been exposed to some great dance music. Who’d you see at your first club show? Also, is there a particular DJ who you’d say sparked your passion to produce? Corey: I actually grown up just outside of Liverpool, a place called the Wirral, It’s like 10 minutes out of Liverpool City so when I go out to clubs etc I go to Liverpool. Dance music is massive in Liverpool. My first club show I can’t remember, but I know for sure that when I saw Swedish House Mafia they were the guys that made me start making House music, and to this day Axwell, Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso and many more inspire me to keep making music. I would say Steve Angello sparked my passion to produce music after going to one of his shows and meeting him. It was from that moment I realised exactly what I wanted to do in life, I quit my full time job and started producing for 12 hours or more a day for 3 years straight… no joke. OTB: You’ve worked with the 18 year old Australian Will K on a few remix projects, including AN21 & Max Vangeli’s “Tonight” remix competition, and Walden & Havana Brown’s “No Ordinary Love”. Can you explain your collaboration process? Corey: Working with Will is great we have the same sense of humour and we just get on really well. It’s great because he lives in Australia and I live in the UK so our time difference means once we get a nice idea we have a track done in literally 2 days because when I sleep he’s working and when he’s sleeping I’m working because of the time difference. OTB: Haha that sounds nice! Speaking of collaborations, can you explain what it was like to see the preview of your track with John Christian, and Arin Tone, “Collage” garner over 100k plays in just 10 days? Corey: It was crazy too see one of my productions gain so much support in such short time, I would like to thank everybody who supported and continues to support the track, it means a lot to me! OTB: Switching it up a bit; since we’re deep within the festival season now, what festival would you be the most excited to play? Corey: Creamfields because it’s my home festival! That’s on my dream list next! It would mean so much to me if I could perform there, it would be one of the highlights of my career! OTB: At Creamfields, who'd you be more psyched to see in the crowd, Steven Gerrard, or the re-assembled Swedish House Mafia? Corey: The Swedish House Mafia 100%! I think every music fan would agree on my choice, they are legends! Look at what they done for dance music! OTB: Your next track, “Tenpaku” with Will K comes out on July 3rd (my birthday), and what can we expect from this collab? Corey: Drums, tribal house, fat sounds and groove! Also Happy Birthday haha! OTB: Finally, any tracks / collabs coming out later on this summer we should know about? Corey: I’m working hard in the studio all the time, so if I’m quiet it’s for a good reason… It means I’m working hard. I have a few more tracks coming out this year but I can’t say exactly what just yet!

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Corey’s latest track "Tenpaku" is available now for Free HERE!