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5 & A Dime Delivers An Electro House Thriller with "Pulse"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Within the last five years, a number of popular trends in dance music have come and gone. In 2011, before dance music’s explosion and crossover into mainstream media, mashups were an extremely popular way for talented producers to share their music with a younger crowd of high school and college students. As a result, many producers took to mashups as a way to try to break into the dance music scene before turning into producers - including one of Philly’s most promising emerging talents, 5 & A Dime. For his first release of the summer, 5 & A Dime has delivered “Pulse,” a track which showcases the Philly talent’s prowess in electro house. A snarling, rolling bass line instantly grabs your attention, while 5 & A Dime masterfully weaves a web of roaring synths and pounding kicks that will have you lost in a vortex of energy. 5 & A Dime has made “Pulse” available online, so download it for free here.