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abhi//dijon Tease Upcoming EP With "jon b"

Saturday, August 01, 2015
Natalie Barman

Have you heard of abhi//dijon? This production duo from Maryland has put out jam after jam over the last few months, not to mention they've gained the attention (and a spot at a showcase) of prominent music blog Pigeons & Planes. Their tracks are chill, have a clean feel and are usually accompanied by vocals that set them apart from other electronic music producers who are making waves in the current scene. With word of an EP, Stay Up, in the works, we can expect much more greatness from this duo. abhi//dijon wet our palates by releasing another track, "jon b," off their upcoming EP. Their first release off of Stay Up, "Wait," was a careful balance between vocals and beat, and their latest is just as tasteful. The vocals have an R&B flair and the beat is fresh and distinct. It's more than enough to get us hype for Stay Up and to see what the future has in store for abhi//dijon. Bump "jon b" right here. abhi//dijon released a handwritten note with the track list for Stay Up. Check it out.