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What’s The Most Beautiful Skyline You’ve Heard of Lately? Mine’s Karma Fields

Sunday, September 27, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Topping Karma Fields first production "Build The Cities" is going to be hard, but the Monstercat artist attempts and succeeds with “Skyline.” A Daft Punk-esque style, haunting vocals and a trippy music video fill “Skyline” with enough mind-altering facets to take you down the rabbit hole. How far does it go? Only Morpheus knows that answer. Karma Fields took the red pill… will you?

Karma Fields – Skyline

First, let’s start with the music. After Karma Fields unleashed “Build The Cities” the Monstercat family went bonkers about the track even creating a remix EP of the track. “Build The Cities” had the epic buildup before shocking us with a driving melody. “Skyline” takes a step back from the powerful chords, instead entrancing us with a technical clinic on proper keyboard, panning (moving from left to right) through the speakers before the bass kicks in taking us away. The female vocals add that extra layer of mystery ready to take this song to the next level. Personally I can’t think of anything better to incorporate into the track… oh wait, the music video.

Karma Fields - Skyline

Sticking with the 3D mapping theme from the “Build The Cities” video, “Skyline” transforms the mapping into a honeycomb style, gracefully moving between different faces singing the lyrics. With every bass beat, the lines move, every note, the shapes change. Raven Kwok continues to show off his amazing technical prowess with each new video, leaving us clamoring for more. Check out the video above and make sure to give him compliments on his Facebook page. Karma Fields continues to produce at a high level and still keeps us in the dark about who this artist really is. Monstercat has PYLOT and Karma Fields paving the way with Daft Punk-esque tracks… and who doesn’t love some tracks like that in their life? If you haven’t already give Karma Fields a like on Facebook, follow on Twitter and SoundCloud. You can purchase the tune now from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp. Make sure to show some love in the comments about “Skyline” and Karma Fields, along with Monstercat.