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Pegboard Nerds Stops Breast Cancer with the #PinkCloud Campaign

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

I don’t know if you’ve heard but October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Maybe the pink towels of the NFL, or the pink ribbons or potentially you saw our Facebook logo focusing on the color pink, but you can’t go anywhere without knowing. Whatever it is, you now have another opportunity to support research by purchasing Pegboard Nerds new EP, Pink Cloud. Out October 23rd, all sales of the EP will be donated to non-profit foundation Fuck Cancer. Supporting a good cause and some new music? What could be better? Listen to Pink Cloud now below.

Pegboard Nerds – Pink Cloud

Pink Cloud is a new direction for Pegboard Nerds. The duo is known for their hard hitting electro-trap combinations like “Swamp Thing” and “Hero,” and let me tell you, “Pink Cloud” is nowhere near that style. The signature Nerd synth sound is there, but a light-hearted beat and vocals from Max Collins of Eve6 will have every single one of you bobbing your head wanting to hit the play button over and over again. The combination of the new sound and the new Pink Cloud campaign can be summarized perfectly from the duo themselves: “We are excited to share this new project with the world. It’s a new sound we’ve been working on for the past couple months, but more importantly, we are on a mission to change lives with our music. We invite you to take a step into our world, Nerd Nation.” – Parsberg & Odden The Nerds also have the second track from the Pink Cloud up for stream “Just Like That.” And just like that, another track is available for everyone to listen to and pre-order. Johnny Graves was tapped for the vocals and my, oh my, are these vocals awesome. The only thing that could be better is a good beat, which is exactly what The Pegboard Nerds implement. A future bass drop gets your head bobbing as the bass rumbles through the melody. Take a listen below.

Pegboard Nerds – Just Like That (feat. Johnny Graves)

The non-profit Fuck Cancer is an amazing foundation helping people become more aware about cancer and promoting early cancer detection. Their reach within the younger population makes the partnership between them, Monstercat and Pegboard Nerds an inevitable combination, and a perfect way to blend PLUR with cancer awareness. When you purchase the EP, not only will you help out Fuck Cancer, but you will also receive quality tracks from the Nerds themselves. “Pink Cloud” will lead the EP as a VIP of “Fire In The Hole” and "Just Like That" will fill your library with some great music to listen to. With over $8,000 already donated, the Pink Cloud EP will be a great help to raise awareness and a perfect time for you to help be a part of breast cancer awareness. Visit for more products that will help the #PinkCloud campaign, including a t-shirt, crop top, snapback, beanie, bracelet, sticker and pins along with the EP available for $5. Stream “Pink Cloud” and "Just Like That" now on SoundCloud and follow Pegboard Nerds and Fuck Cancer on Facebook, and make sure to preorder the EP now which will be released October 23rd.