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The Bearded Man - Armada's new label with absolutely no rules

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Lauren Hruska

I'd never seen a song categorized by the hashtag #Beard until today. It's with great amusement that I'm happy to introduce everyone to Armada's new label "The Bearded Man," which boasts absolutely no rules and summarized by the catchphrase "So many good tunes, I don't have time to shave!"


The Bearded Man

Armada's fledgling label is for music that is "outside the box," ranging from Electro Pop, Deep House, Chill Out and more. Y.V.E. 48 were behind the label's first release titled "On The Road," a sensual deep house diddy perfect for summer playlists.

Y.V.E. 48 - On The Road

Another track with star quality on The Bearded Man was Harold van Lennep's "Liberation." The dreamy vibes, emotional piano rift and punchy horns work together to deliver sounds not easily forgotten.

Harold Van Leenep - Liberation

Are you an aspiring producer? I recommend shooting off a demo to The Bearded Man.