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Together We Rise: New Year, New Label

Hello 2015! With a brand new year upon us, there is plenty to look forward to: new music, emerging artists, shows, and much more. One thing you might not consider though is the emergence of new record labels. One such record label is coming straight out of the United Kingdom, and it is getting UK Hardcore fans all sorts of excited. Together We Rise Excited It is my pleasure to pass along the announcement that Hardcore mastermind Gammer made just about a week ago about the brand new label called Together We Rise. Together We Rise Label
So my friends and I at ‘Together We Rise’ have decided to branch the brand out into a record label as well, with the goal of getting good quality Hardcore out at a consistent rate! I’ll be managing the label (and I’m seriously fucking excited about it) so if you have any questions feel free to shoot them into the comments below ^.^ - Gammer
That's right! We have a brand new UK Hardcore record label that is going to be putting out some seriously incredible tracks in the near future. Up first is a track called "Look Back" by none other than Gammer featuring the wonderful vocals of Becci. It hits Beatport on January 12th, and other outlets a week or two later. Together We Rise Booyah Now you might be curious who exactly is going to be apart of the Together We Rise family. As Gammer mentioned in the announcement, the label consists of him and a few of his friends. It took some digging through comments, but I was able to put together pretty much all of the information you are going to need to know about the label. Together We Are Got Your Back According to Gammer, Together We Rise will feature releases from himself, Darren Styles, Mark Breeze, Re-con, Dougal, and Whizzkid (as well as anyone else he will add to the label later on). Releases will occur every two weeks. Also according to Gammer, there is a massive set of tracks already lined up for release coming very soon. You are going to want to stay locked onto the Together We Rise Twitter and Soundcloud pages to make sure that you don't miss a thing. Together We Rise Awesome While the music releases are a great thing, a label wouldn't be complete without a proper show. If you were in Southampton for New Year's then you got to experience just that. The first ever Together We Rise event was self-titled and brought in the New Year with a bang. Featuring all of the Together We Rise members as well as a few extras, it looks like it was one night that many won't soon forget.
The photo gallery from that event can be found here, and according to multiple members of the label family, this was the first event of many to come. Without further ado, I present to you the very first and full length release on Together We Rise, "Look Back" by Gammer & Becci. Make sure to stay up-to-date with everything Together We Rise on their sites (above), and get ready for some incredible new material coming very soon. Together We Rise. Together We Love. Together We Dance. Enjoy!

Gammer & Becci - Look Back