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Win the Chance to Host Monstercat’s Podcast!

Monday, July 27, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Producers, producers everywhere, brush up on your skills and enter now for your chance to be featured on Monstercat’s upcoming Podcast. With access to the entire Monstercat catalog, there’s music for every type of listener out there. Find the full rules HERE, and enter now for your chance to win. Every Tuesday at 4pm ET, Monstercat hosts their podcast on Twitch. Comprised of tracks new and old, the label has loved creating the podcast for all their listeners for the past year, but now it’s your turn. Enter for your chance to mix a full 2 hour long episode of the podcast along with being a part of the voting episode which will feature your 15 minute mix. The rules for the podcast can be found below: Monstercat Podcast Mix Contest artwork

1. Upload your 15 minutes (Max!) to Mixcloud

2. Title the mix “Monstercat Podcast Mix Contest – [DJ Name]”

3. Tag the mix with “Monstercat Podcast Mix Contest 2015

4. You must use the cover art that is provided

5. The mix must consist of only Monstercat music. (Due to copyright restrictions, you can’t use certain tracks which can be found on this page.

6. Of course don’t forget to include tracklist and a timestamp for your mix

The biggest rule… Submissions must be made by August 1st!

There are 3 stages of judging in this contest.

Stage 1:

  • All entries will be judged by the Monstercat team (regardless of play count… they will listen to everyone)
  • 8 finalists will be hand-picked based on their ability to blend the music, while also representing a balance of multiple genres

Stage 2:

  • The top 8 finalists get 15 minutes to strut their stuff being featured on a special 2 hour episode of the Monstercat Podcast.
  • Fans will vote to decide the best of the best

Stage 3:

  • The winner gets the opportunity to mix an entire episode of the podcast which will be featured on their channel along with being available on all podcast-platforms.
If you aren’t a producer, don’t disregard this post however. Monstercat still needs your help in deciding on your favorite mixes. First, check out the Mixcloud account Monstercat Podcast Mix Contest and listen to the 15 minute mixes. Give your favorites a heart and a repost, then tune into Monstercat’s Twitch stream of the finalist podcast to submit your votes for your favorite mix. So let me get this straight… all (non-producer) people have to do is listen to music and vote on their favorites? Can it get any easier? Monstercat continues to show off their growing prowess as a label with their dedication to finding new artists and keeping fans engaged with their content. Mike and Ari started the label off as a YouTube channel to share music into a highly recognized label in dance music with countless releases and downloads across all major music platforms. The podcast is sure to be another highlight in the Monstercat collection. Give Monstercat some love on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud and make sure to tune into their podcast every Tuesday on Twitch. Monstercat gives all the producers out there some great advice for the mix:

Take us on a Journey!

Coverart provided by Reddit user: RynoDash