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A Dash of Trance Leaves Philly in a Sandstorm

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Amidst frantic anticipation, the time finally came. Dash Berlin’s first appearance in Philadelphia!!! The City of Brotherly Love! One of the hottest and fastest growing venues on the East Coast, SoundGarden Hall, was busy gearing up for one of the biggest nights in the venue’s existence, and I was NOT going to miss the opportunity to partake in the magic. I have been to over 30 shows and festivals in the past 2 ½ years, but I have NEVER experienced a live trance event. I picked the perfect night to add this experience to my collection as this was a SOLD OUT event. House of Hearts resident Johnny V opened with one of the most impressive openers I’ve witnessed. There were less than 50 people in the venue, and Johnny V seamlessly built the aura for the night ahead with tech/deep house and tech/house mashups. It wasn’t a super high energy set, but it was nothing short of good vibes. It was a proper opening set for a trance show. I look forward to seeing Johnny V spin in the near future. Local favorite Elvis Suarez stepped up to the decks next. Suarez spun a diverse, high-octane set littered with bomb after bomb right as the crowd was packing in. Fans pushed their way to the front for this set. Suarez dropped anything and everything from house to trap. His tech/house mashups were the highlight of the set for me, including a “N*ggas in Paris/Bingo Players “Rattle” mashup I’d never thought I’d hear. Suarez left the crowd amped up and ready for one of the budding stars in the Northeast, Tyler Sherritt. New York’s own Tyler Sherritt took over just as the sold out crowd had settled in for the rest of the night. Sherritt is still relatively new to the EDM world, but he has been on fire as of late after opening Armin Van Buuren’s New Year’s Eve festivities on Pier 36. He was featured on First State’s “Maze” in 2011, and has been gaining hype with tracks such as, “On the Otherwise” (w/ Jake Shanahan) and “Survive” (w/ Carl Nunes). Sherritt spun popular trance tracks “Suddenly Summer” (Armin van Buuren) and BT & JES’s “Every Other Way” (Armin van Buuren remix). He also dropped an unfinished new track “Reflect” that left fans hungry and waiting for more. The highlight of the set was my favorite track of 2012, Bluestone’s “Capetown”. It was clear that the crowd didn’t know what was going to happen when “Capetown” started and the place just lost it in amaze when the drop came. I was pleased with Sherritt’s set because he spun the perfect balance of popular tracks, his originals, as well as a surprise new track. I expect people to scour the internet in search of anything they can find on Sherritt as his future is bright. As Sherritt left the stage, the crowd was now filled with Dash Berlin glow sticks wavering in the air. Last but not least, Dash Berlin came to the stage and the venue erupted as loud as I’ve ever heard. Fans traveled from up and down the east coast to come and see one of their favorite producers. Dash Berlin is famous for his inspiring and engaging performances. His 2012 album “#MusicIsLife” was very successful, with magical tracks like “Better Half of Me”, “Apollo Road”, and “World Falls Apart”. Dash is also infamous for his “Dashups”, which are some of the most well-constructed bootlegs in the electronic dance music scene. Dash opened his set with some explosions, such as Cosmic Gate’s “Exploration of Space” (Tom Colontonio Rework). The crowd was absolutely bonkers and Dash only dropped a few tracks! As the set progressed, Dash dropped Above & Beyond’s “Sun & Moon” and his wildly popular “Dashup”, “DJ Ease My Apollo Road”. From there on, Dash proved why he was voted 7th in DJ Mag’s Top 100 for 2012. Dash SHOCKED the crowd with a glitchy electro remix of “Kernkraft 400” and dubstep. He also worked in numerous 90s classics, such as “Better Off Alone” and “Sandstorm”. Dash’s set was completely unpredictable and he read the crowd perfectly. After a thunderous end to the night, Dash took numerous photos with the fans and signed autographs, truly demonstrating he is one of the classiest producers in the business. DASH BERLIN It was arguably the most successful night that SoundGarden Hall has had. “The energy in the room that night from when I started at 8:30 was incredible. You could just tell there was something special about the night from the beginning and it continued to grow and grow. Then once Dash came on, the place just erupted to a level I have never seen at any show in Philly. You had to be there to understand and feel what I am talking about, and for those that got to experience, knew as well that it was definitely a blessed night filled with love, music, energy and LOTS of dancing,” said Johnny V, who opened the night and regularly performs at SoundGarden. It was my first time at SoundGarden Hall, and I will be back there again in the near future. The venue is a true dancehall, and the BYOB lounge is a unique touch to the Philadelphia nightlife scene, as this enables SoundGarden to host events until 6am. I highly recommend SoundGarden to anyone who has the opportunity to visit. Written by OTB Correspondent Sean Peterson All Photographs were provided by Abyssal Photography