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Feed Me is Back On Tour, And Here’s Why You Should Go...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Electro-house and dubstep artist Feed Me helped us start the new year out right with the release of his “Death by Robot” EP halfway through January. In the three-track EP, he gives listeners a fresh new take on his groovy electro style that is distinctively “Feed Me,” and he’ll be taking those tracks and more on tour with him when he kicks off his U.S. tour in Washington D.C. on January 29. Feed Me, the alias created by England native Jon Gooch, the man also behind the drum and bass alter-ego Spor, will be touring the states with his distinctive “Teeth” set design and special guest Mord Fustang. The tour stops in 10 U.S. cities, with most cities along the way hosting shows two nights in a row. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the cities the little green Feed Me demon will be stopping in, I’d suggest you snag a ticket to the show. Feed Me consistently delivers a high-energy set that’ll keep you moving, and anyone who saw the debut of his “Teeth” set design understands that Gooch puts a lot of money and energy into his production design, creating a unique experience for the concert-goer. Check out this video for some background on “Teeth”: [youtube id="DMPur05qOBo" width="620" height="360"] ...or just this video if you want to get a taste of the final result: [youtube id="UGJDwTJCrrA" width="620" height="360"] Beyond the “Teeth,” this tour will involve Feed Me’s signature green demon coming to life in animatronic form. For months, Gooch has been posting digital artist renderings and model depictions... Feed ME ...and finally shots of an animatronic version of the Feed Me gremlin slowly coming to life:

Feed me 2


Feed Me 3

 He hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but that’s half the fun! So whether you’ve followed Feed Me from the start or have yet to be properly introduced to Jon Gooch’s alter-ego, this tour definitely isn’t one to pass up! Tickets are available on Feed Me’s website, here : TICKETS By: Erin Flemming