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Redbull Thre3style West Coast Regional-Seattle

Saturday, March 09, 2013

RedBull Last Monday (2/20) at Foundation Nightclub in Seattle the West Coast finals for the  Red Bull Thre3Style contest went down! Red Bull Thre3Style gives highly skilled DJs a global platform to showcase their skills, battle and gain notoriety by rockin’ the dance floor. Unlike other DJ battles that are based on solely technical aspects, Red Bull Thre3style has a creative and original format that seeks to find the DJ that has best perfected the true art of rockin’ the party. Competing DJs are given 15 minutes and the challenge to play three different genres of music while keeping the crowd rockin’ on the dance floor. A panel of music industry judges will select the winners based on track selection, creativity, mixing skills, stage presence and crowd reaction. Whoever is named best on the decks gets bragging rights, a prize purse, and advances to the next step on the road to the world finals. With such gigantic names in music as the judges: A-Trakz-Trip, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, a trip to the World finals and $10,000,  the 6 DJ's brought their best style, energy, and crowd reading ability. Starting off the party was DJ J Espinosa His Michael Jackson over Midnight City mashup into Nirvana's "Smells like Teenage Spirt" got the Seattle crowd feeling at home. Moving that into "I Just Came to Say Hello" was easily the highlight of his set. Second up was Chris Cutz who had people vibin' from the start. He kept it 128 through out the whole set, without many technical DJ scratches and that kept the crowd moving. "Bees in the Trap" remixed in to a trapped out version of "How Low Can You Go" was real nice, he needed the Luda to get A-Trak nodding along as he closed out his set. DJ Cide hit the stage third and with his local Seattle roots got the crowd on his side early. With some acapella Jay-Z sing alongs and really dubby version of Oasis' "Wonderwall" layered over "Jump Around" he got people clapping and chanting early. He has one big mistake in a transition that might have cost him the championship, he recovered nicely with the Lil' Jon power up. Ending with "Internet Friends" brought the energy back up to close out his set.

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DJ Scene  who started of with the crowd pleaser of "We Found Love" scratched nicely into Yung Joc's "It's Goin' Down".  With the famous soccer chat of "Olay Olay" to bond with crowd, it really showed that he was having the most fun of the DJ's to hit the stage so far. Every build and drop of his would be a mystery, in the best way possible. He was quick to read the crowd, if they weren't into a song he would mix out into something he knew would work. Ending with "Posse on Broadway" kept his hometown of Seattle on his side. D-JR brought an MPC in to the mix when he was throwin' down which allowed him to make some new and obvious sounds on the fly. He brought wayyyy more soul into the mix and as the crowd drank more vodka/Redbulls, it seemed like they were responding to sold DJing rather than just songs that were popular.  Along with Scene, he read the crowd very well feeding the builds and drops that kept peoples attention. With about five minute left in this set, he unplugged the MPC and dropped it from above his head on the floor of the DJ booth with got very positive reactions from both the judges and crowd. He ended with mash up of AC/DC over "93' till' Infinity" that ended with about 30 seconds left. Lastly, DJ Compose got people going wild right off the bat with some classic hip-hop over some 2Chainz trap remixs that he scratched very well into some Wiz Khalifa. "Who's in the House" into some Three 6 Mafia blended in to "Twist and Shout" got a very large response that had the whole club bouncing. He ended with taking some shots at the 49'ers which was awesome. In third place was DJ Comprise Second place was D-JR The winner was DJ Scene A-Trak was kind enough to close out the night and brought the house down with his signature sounds. It was an honor to see a true master work the 1's and 2's in such a intimate environment. Make sure to catch all of the mixes and judge for your self right here.