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What The Festival - New Venue/Lineup

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Erin Flemming

Oregon's What The Festival has announced a new venue for this year's event. Wolf Run Ranch will be hosting this year's WTF and is located just a few miles from last year's location- about two hours east of Portland, Oregon. Event organizers say this location (which looks beautiful!) better fits the size the festival has grown to and comes with "many new features and opportunities."


WTF's initial lineup will be announced April 2 (tomorrow), and if you missed out on the early bird sale, all other tickets will be released April 4. Event organizers say the Wolf Run Ranch will have a larger camping and parking space, forest walk in camping, as well as more art, water features and stages. Attendees of WTF who went last year can also look forward to a closer camping space- meaning no shuttles this year! Plus- a bigger pool party than last year.


What The Festival will be held July 26-28. To read a bit about last year's festival, check out this post.

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