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Flosstradamus Runs The Trap

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Flosstradamus Seattle It was a crazy Friday night in Seattle. The boys from Flosstradamus stopped by Nuemo's in Seattle for their Underground Nights tour and it was wilddd. Being an all-ages show at a venue  typically not known for EDM type concerts, it was already apparent that Nuemo's had not fully understood what they had gotten themselves into.  There were plenty of kandy kids awkwardly flailing about as they tried to push their way to the front so they could Instragram the Floss duo to prove to their friends that being closer means you are more hardcore.  Along with those "hardcore ravers" there were the occasional 20'somethings who looked strangely out of place in shirts and pants along side the bros in jerseys and Jordan shorts. Even in the bar, the crowd was a very young 21+. Flosstradamus set the tone for exactly what kind of show it was going to be when they opened with a version of "Bugatti" that gave the crowd an adrenaline shot to the heart. Frantic would be the pace that would describe their set all night.  There was never a chance to catch a break or let a song/mix develop into something more than a 30 second build into a massive trap drop that exploded out of the speakers. At one point, it was clear due to the distortion in the speakers that Nuemo's was not equipped for the bass heavy tracks that Floss was throwin' down. The energy in the room was incredible however, there was never a point where people seemed to stop jumping. It was surprising to see such a lack of production by them. Literally it was an inflateable version of their logo, fog machines, strobes and lasers...No LED's or high tech toys. Again, that could have been the limitations set by the venue. It was strange to see such a low budget show from one of the bigger names in trap music. In conclusion,  if you have a chance to see Flosstradamus this summer at a festival or a real nightclub, do it. If it seems like it is a sketchy place to see the show and the ticket prices are too high, don't beat your self up if you don't make it.  I love Floos and I love their music. I am really really looking forward to seeing them in their full production mode, hopefully it will happen sooner than later.