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Behind The Beat | Grand & Warren - Pacha NYC Review & Interview

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Sam Storch

In recent months, the EDM community has been witnessing the rise of the DJ/Producing duo Grand & Warren. These duos have begun demonstrating to the EDM scene the unique value and “freshness” that comes when putting two people together. On Friday, May 10th, I watched one of these DJ/Producing duos, Grand & Warren (James and Gary), preform at Pacha NYC. Playing alongside John Dahlback is no easy task, but G&W proved that they belonged in the spotlight. At 3:30A.M, G&W hit the decks. As Pacha goers know, after the “headliner” concludes their set, many people leave the club, but that would not be the case on this night. From the instant Grand & Warren played their first track, they provided the Pacha crowd with a shot of adrenaline that would last throughout the night. G&W’s set took the entire Pacha crowd on a journey through all types of music. With songs ranging from “D# Fat – Armin” to “Up in Here – DMX”, G&W played a set that everyone in the crowd was able to enjoy. Their ability to incorporate so many different types of music also demonstrated another crucial component of G&W, their ability to mix. What G&W where able to do was mix these different tracks together with such precision, that the Pacha crowd had no idea what hit them. What helped make G&W’s already phenomenal set almost perfect (no such thing as a perfect set) was their stage presence.  G&W were the first DJ’s that I truly felt like they were an extension of us (the fans). As one part of the duo would be mixing, the other would be posing for a photo for a fan or taking a video for a fan of what its like to be in the booth. With every song they played, the crowd reaction was their reaction. When the crowd was jumping these guys were jumping, when the crowd was singing these guys were singing, G&W really made me feel like they were one of us. After being at Pacha countless times in my life, to see almost every DJ known to man, I started getting sick of the place. The dark, sweaty club had started to become old and started being placed in the shadow of the other clubs of New York and Atlantic City. What G&W were able to do on Friday night was to instill some form of light in Pacha, while showing me that Pacha is still one of the best places to find some amazing talents.


Before their set, Grand and Warren was nice enough to sit down with me for a couple of minutes and provide some words of wisdom that everyone can learn from: OTB: So thank you for sitting down with me, I want to begin by asking what made you guys decide to DJ/Producing as a Duo and what makes it better than doing it solo. G&W: Gary and I (James) were best friends since high school and we found that we both loved and needed to do this in our lives. DJ/Producing as a Duo is so much better because for everything that we create there are two opinions “heads” contributing a unique perspective and input (Just like the saying: “Two heads are better than one”). When we preform as a duo there is so much energy and there are always two hands on the mixer and that helps us provide a better performance. OTB: As a Duo what do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment and what goals do you have for the future. G&W: Tonight is probably our biggest accomplishment. Closing for John Dahlback is amazing and Pacha has been really good to us and has shown that they really care about us. Ultimately, our biggest goal is to preform at a big festival such as Ultra, and its important that we have big aspirations because with “big risk come big reward”. But, we also make sure to stay realistic and set small goals for ourselves. From performance to performance our main goal is to make sure that we continue to do what makes us happy and we are doing our job of pleasing people and throwing banging parties. OTB: In the modern day many DJ/Producers use Social Media as a tool to promote themselves as well as their music. How do you feel about Social Media and how has it helped you guys get to where you are. G&W: Social Media is built for young people and the younger generation. Social Media impacts young people so much and it has helped EDM music expand. For us social media has helped because we are young and we relate to the young people who use Social Media. We strive to obtain a young following in the hopes of boosting our brand and our music. OTB: Obviously, what preforming alongside Dahlback shows is that Grand & Warren are on the rise. How are you guys doing so well. G&W: The most important thing that has gotten us to this point and will help us do well in the future is our drive and need to do this. We got to sleep and wake up wanting to make it as house music producers. We do everything we can to make sure that we are able to make it and we this is our life. It's like a freshman basketball player who is trying to make the varsity basketball team: the ones who make it are the ones in the gym before anyone gets there and are the last ones to leave. That is how we treat our DJ/Producing. OTB: Finally, what advise do you have for people trying to break through and start in the industry. G&W: The first thing is to never give up and to always learn, read and do as much research as you can. The second thing is to never be envious of another person in this industry. The people who have made it have gotten to where they are through hard work and dedication, and instead of being jealous of where they are you should strive to be like them and learn from what they did. OTB: Thanks so much for talking the time to talk with us guys. We will be checking in on you and can't wait to see where you are this time next year. Cheers!  

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