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Savoy Gets 'Live With Lasers' In Columbus

Monday, June 03, 2013
Kari Sandkuhl


Any time an electronic show rolls through Columbus, my ears perk up (even if it is a Tuesday night) because these types of shows are usually few and far between.Continuing their Live with Lasers tour and with the drop of their second EP of the year,the trio comprised of Brooklyn based producers known as Savoy brought their high-energy performance and incredible light show to Ohio.  Sponsored by Columbus’s premier promotional company, Prime Social Group, I knew that this show was not one to miss.  Let me just say, kudos, Savoy…this show was a treat for both my eyes and ears.

​The opening performer was J Flash, who energized the crowd with his rocking set full of progressive house, hip hop, and hard beats.  When he started remixing in Outkast’s old school “Bombs Over Baghdad”, all I could think was “hell yeah!" J Flash really set the crowd up for a wild night. ​Savoy kicked off their hour and a half set with a gradual building of the music, but as soon as that first drop took place, the entire dance floor was swallowed in lights and lasers that continued throughout the entire show.  By far one of the best light shows I have seen to this day, Savoy’s performance was just as much about the view as it was about the sound.  Neon lasers of blue, green, pink, and yellow shot out above the crowd while club banging beats poured from the stage. While I was anticipating a mostly bass heavy show, I was surprised (and delighted) at the amount of danceable electro-house music that completely energized the crowd.  While I wasn’t too familiar with many of the tracks, I did recognize one titled “Say Yes” from their new EP, Three Against Nature.  And of course, I was “saying yes” to this song….with a funky disco-type sound, I was loving how danceable this track (and entire show) was turning out to be.  Throughout the night, Savoy mixed between upbeat electro, edgy house tunes, and of course, some harder and heavier dubstep near the end of the show.  The younger crowd went nuts when they remixed a dubstep version of Krewella’s hit “Come and Get It”.  At one point I stopped dancing to take a look at the crowd, and their energy was on fire…isn’t that what these shows are all about?  Savoy ended the night with their track alongside Heather Bright, “We Are The Sun”, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the show.  But of course, that wasn’t the true end, as they came out for an encore and one last light show to their dupstep track “So Bad” to leave the crowd in awe. ​While I was expecting a mostly dubstep, bass-dropping type of performance from Savoy, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of upbeat, edgy, house music that they delivered.  At the end of the show, they even announced a “Savoy hotline” that you can apparently call and tell them how much you loved their set…while I didn’t actually do that, I did realize that they left me wanting more...Maybe next time ;)   ​You can check out Savoy’s “Three Against Nature” EP as well as their remaining tour dates for their Live With Lasers tour here:


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