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Santos Review - Ummet Ozcan and REL

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Sam Storch

In recent years, New York City has emerged as one of the premier nightclub destinations. Within the NYC EDM night scene, clubs have begun to focus on big “main stage” DJs to ensure that they receive a great crowd. What true EDM fans have discovered, is that there are some venues in NYC that offer an extraordinary experience with their careful selection of talent and the atmosphere that they provide. On Saturday, June 8th, the EDM fans of New York who were lucky enough to be at Santos Party House that night, witnessed a phenomenal performance. The opening DJ, REL (Ariel Blum) greeted eager party goers with a flawless opening set with an abundance of tech-house songs that were masterfully mixed together. Rel’s opening set coupled with Santos’s powerful sound system created an environment that many EDM followers look for to start their night off. At about 1 A.M, Ummet Ozcan hit the decks. Ummet has experienced an incredible amount of success so far in 2013, and as a result, the Santos crowd was eagerly anticipating an unbelievable set. Although the crowd was holding Ummet to high expectations, from the second he pressed play and begun to spin, he had the whole crowd jumping. Ummet began his set by beautifully mixing elements of electro house and progressive house. What the already frenzied crowd did not realize yet was that this was only the beginning and Ummet was only warming up. As Ummet’s set progressed, his style of play became more and more pronounced. With every song he played, the crowd began to party harder. When he dropped songs like “Get Loose” by Showtek and “Language” by Porter Robinson, the crowd went nuts. It was at the time that Ummet went on to play some of the biggest tunes that the EDM community appreciates such as “Thunder” by W&W and "Animals" by Martin Garrix. Additionally, Ummet dropped his own new hits such as “Airport” and “Here and Now”, further adding to the craziness. What cannot be understated and what perhaps helped make Ummet on this night so special was his stage presence. In a packed club with many, many people, Ummet was able to make the crowd feel as though he was one of us and that Santos was our party. Santos, REL, and Ummet were able to transform a normal Saturday night into an epic night. Its safe to say that Santos has become one of the greatest venues in New York City for EDM fans and REL has quickly become a DJ/producer that will be a force in the EDM scene of New York. As for Ummet Ozcan, words do not do this DJ justice because he's simply that good. If you are an EDM fan, you should definitely see him, as he is one of those DJs that can and will light up any venue.