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LAVO NYC Review : Paul Oakenfold, Mysto and Pizzi

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Sam Storch

With much of the EDM world focused on the EDC festivities happening in Las Vegas, it may have been hard to notice the legend Paul Oakenfold was spinning at LAVO Nightclub in NYC. But for the EDM fans of New York who were lucky enough to get tickets to this small, sold out event, they would be in for one amazing night. Upon arriving at LAVO, it instantly became apparent that this was a nightclub very different than many of the “superclubs” that people experience in NYC. LAVO has this feeling of intimacy and togetherness that are rarely found these days in the bigger clubs in NYC. It is a smaller nightclub and it provides a real pleasant atmosphere to see someone as amazing as Paul Oakenfold. As the night began, everyone in attendance understood that they would be travelling on fantastic journey through various types of house music. Mysto and Pizzi opened the night in a way that only they could. Under normal circumstance, Mysto & Pizzi could be seen headlining major clubs across the world, but on this night they would be opening for Paul Oakenfold, further demonstrating the lengths that Lavo would go to in order to treat their audience to a special type of show. In typical Mysto & Pizzi fashion, they wooed the crowd with a varying degree of Electro/Progressive house bangers that had the entire club dancing. Throughout their set they introduced the crowd to an amazing array of old, new, and popular tracks, and even threw in their own phenomenal original tracks.


  After the phenomenal opening set provided by Mysto & Pizzi, Paul Oakenfold took to the decks. Instantly, the Lavo crowd became full of adrenaline and life as everyone become aware that they were witnessing a living legend. Paul, as only he can do, took the entire crowd on a journey through every genre and subgenre of house that you can imagine. For example, Paul dropped a huge summer electro tune, “GO" by Eddie Halliwell, and also took the crowd on a trance journey for the ages. Furthermore, his stage presence and the famous Oakenfold calm, chill demeanor just washed over the crowd and added to the simply amazing set that he was producing. Coupled with Oakenfold’s unbelievable set was the dark, mysterious atmosphere that LAVO created. All of these things came together and created an amazing night for everyone that was present. It is rare to find such a perfect atmosphere to see a DJ legend such as Paul Oakenfold, but luckily there is LAVO. The club atmosphere and the phenomenal sets provided by Paul Oakenfold and Mysto & Pizzi led to an amazing night for the entire crowd. Never in my life have I ever seen an entire crowd dancing their hearts out the entire night, but it would seem that when Paul Oakenfold is spinning, legendary events transpire.


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