Mysteryland 2014: The Woodstock of EDM

mysteryland 2014 only the beat


Woodstock still serves as the description of the quintessential music festival experience. Despite the fact that basically everyone I know is too young to have even considered attending Woodstock in 1969, I’ve known since I was a kid that Woodstock represented more than music. Woodstock represented a generation. Woodstock represented ideas. Woodstock represented a culmination of culture, art, music, community, and creativity that has been unrivaled since. This is why simply the word “Woodstock” evokes memories of Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan (who, ironically enough, didn’t even play the festival), civil rights protests, the Vietnam War, peace, love, war, and everything in between.


Mysteryland’s 1st Time in The USA

Next year, the Dutch concert promoting company will create an opportunity to redefine what “Woodstock” means to the EDM generation. Mysteryland 2014, a festival usually reserved for the Netherlands, is going to make it’s first appearance in the United States, on the very same site Woodstock was held in 1969, giving not only the EDM community, but the generation as a whole, a chance to make the same mark the original festival did.

mysteryland 2014 only the beat


While it will be held during the same weekend as EDC New York, the attendance will be limited to only 20,000 visitors a day, creating not only a unique, but exclusive experience for all those who get to attend. It will be a chance to witness an actual evolution of music that still encompasses the ideas of generations past. I’ve never been to an EDM festival that didn’t espouse the very same ideas Woodstock did in 1969, namely, peace, love, and music. For those of you who are lucky enough to get the extremely limited number of tickets (Pre-registration can be found, you will be part of a group that can redefine an American legend. You will be witnessing the redefinition of the American music scene on the very site America was redefined in 1969.

New Woodstock

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