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The Party After The Party: Underground

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Wesley McLaughlin

Party This past weekend in Seattle as many of you may know, was FreakNight. This included performances from Hardwell, Dash Berlin, W&W, Claude VonStroke, Jack Beats, Destroid, and many more.  However this is not the party I want to tell you guys about. On Saturday around 2:30 AM my friend got word of a warehouse after party for FreakNight and by 3:30 AM we were in a cab by WAMU Theater and on the way to a warehouse just a few miles away from the venue at an undisclosed location. This was hands down the most interesting crowd I have ever seen at any one single location in my life. From young to old, males to females, and everything in between. There were also quite the range of costumes from army veteran and his girlfriend the World War II nurse, to dominatrixes and the Pink Panther. As with every event where people can pay to enter there were a few creeping Toms’ stumbling around, so I would recommend using the buddy system and your best judgment when attending these events. The thing that made this crowd even more interesting is that I didn’t arrive until 4 AM and left around 6 AM, therefore people had had a whole night of partying behind them as they were still going balls to the wall.


When we walked in there was a bouncer checking for wristbands and charging a cover, but I figured, “When will I ever get the chance to do this again?” Probably never was my answer.  So in we went, and it was amazing.  To start off there is a shared bathroom where girls and guys were using the loo.  Next up was a room with a DJ duo playing some amazing experimental tunes.  All of the rooms were unique but this one was the most interesting to me as there was a kiln on full blast in the back of the room. We used this as a heater for a minute before we realized that two guys were actually making glass pieces simultaneous with the party. As we drifted into the second room playing slightly more upbeat, eclectic music there was a good sized crowd. I saw a few different DJ’s swap through into this room that was open air to the outside world, but closed off to the street by a tall locked fence.  Also in this room there was a couple doing duo cheerleading that was rather impressive.  Also behind us while we were dancing there were people spinning fire as well as a music cart of some sort. Finally as we moved from the open air room into the final back room it was our favorite.  Hearing more vocal tracks and songs from my childhood like, Going Back to Cali by LL Cool J. This room had a jungle theme of sorts as you had to walk through an artistically designed hallway of faces, played by a DJ wearing a cowboy get up.


Even though I was sore, danced out, and tired as hell by the time we got to this after party, it was one of the coolest spontaneous things I have ever done. It is a nice touch to be able to get away from everyone and everything you know, and just DANCE. Saw some things that I never thought I would see and danced with some people I never thought I would dance with. A great end to an even more amazing weekend in Seattle.