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Myon & Shane 54 Really Know How to Throw a Party

Friday, February 21, 2014
Tony Apfelbeck

Wrapping up the last weekend of January, Myon & Shane brought their Heartbeat Tour through the rainy city of Seattle and threw down a bombshell of a set in one of my favorite venues, Showbox at the Market. Those of you who know these Hungarians know by now that they know how to bring that carefree attitude to the stage and work the crowd energy. Speaking of which, the energy in the crowd on Super Bowl weekend was absolutely electric and the city came out ready to party.   Judging by how much fun Myon & Shane were having on stage hanging out with Koko Laroo while getting up to their usual antics behind the turntables, they were really feeling the fire of this crazy Seattle crowd. I think it was six separate times that the crowd started chanting "Sea!" "Hawks!" and if I'm not mistaken, I seem to remember Shane himself starting one or two of those. I love the way the Showbox at the Market actually shakes when the crowd gets jumping. All-in-all, a great weekend to be out on the city. Catch Myon & Shane at the later stops on their Heartbeat tour if you get the chance and get in on this fun. I have to admit that I got a little pang of pride when Shane gave us a shout-out around 4:40 on International Departures Episode 218.

"We also have to admit that the Seattle gig was plain and simple the best gig of the tour so far and we even would go as far as to say it was the best gig ever."

Don't let anyone tell you that USC Events, the Seattle crowd, and Myon & Shane don't know how to throw a party- this night was pure evidence of that fact.