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Lucky 2014 Artist Spotlight: Showtek

Thursday, February 27, 2014

 (Listen to this while reading through the rest of the post)

Is St. Patrick's day a real holiday? We don't get work off... the mail still comes...pretty sure you can still deposit checks at a bank (if you still do that) but in any case it is a perfect excuse to party. And by party, I mean rage with some of the biggest names in music. USC events is throwing the biggest St. Patty's day rager in the country thanks to their amazing production and sick line up. The Dutch brother duo of Showtek will be raging face with attendees with their signature  high energy show where they clearly love playing together. When you are a world class DJ and your kin is a world class producer, the mix is explosive. The best part is, they change roles on the daily. Double double, toil and trouble. Be prepared to be amazed with how well they read the crowd and figure out exactly what the green-ed out party leprechauns want to hear. The fellas will show no fear to show up all the acts on the mainstage with one of the best sets of the night, often treating festivals as if they are mini-competition as who can whip the crowd in a frenzy the quickest, the fastest, and the wildest. Being handpicked by the GodVader (Tiesto) is a great source of inspiration, as well.

[caption id="attachment_17733" align="aligncenter" width="672"] Showtek[/caption]