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Chromeo - Come Alive Tour - Seattle 4/16

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Visuals for Chromeo's latest single, "Jealous (I ain't with it)" of their upcoming album White Women out May 12th!
Tha Funk Lordz are rolling into the Emerald City to the iconic  Showbox Market on Wednesday April, 16th! After basically headling Coachella: Weekend One, the boys are continuing on their Come Alive Tour  with their last show before returning to Indio to pretty much headline Coachella: Weekend Two. Seattle is lucky enough to have possibly one of the best dates on tour, the last stop before heading Chromeo heads back down to Cali. They will be  fresh off the adrenaline rush of playing one of the world's best festivals and in Seattle they get to perfect their performance and we will get the Coachella warm-up! So if if your FOMO is forever real, this is about as close as you are going to get to going down to Indio, without having to decide between rent and eating for a month and a flight and admission ticket! Here is what we are looking forward to seeing from the Funky Fellaz: -New Tracks! With an upcoming album, full tour scheduled, and Chromeo being festival ready, it's the perfect opportunity to hear the new album before it comes out on May 12th. Look for the track from the video above to be a show stopper. -Old Tracks! Chromeo has such a classic sound and near cult following it would be very surprising if they didn't bust out some of their notorious tracks such as "Fancy Footwork" "Don't Turn The Lights On" "Needy Girl" Momma's Boy" just to name a few... -Come Alive! The uber catchy single, as which the tour is aptly named after, featuring Toro y Moi is really going to be a highlight of the show. Hopefully, there will be a blindly large amount of chrome at some point (this seems like an appropriate time). -Live Music! One of the best qualities of the Chromeo experience is the ability to watch music being created while hearing and experiencing dance music. It is a nice switch up from CDJ's and air horns. -The Unexpected! Another great aspect of the Chromtastic Compadres is their true love of their music. It's easy to see how much they enjoy connecting and performing with their audience. With such an intimate venue the audience is so close and there can be a real connection and exchange of energy between fans and Chromeo. -Sell Out! Yeah...That happened. What Actually Went Down....TBD