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Top 10 Reasons I Should See You at Lighting in a Bottle Festival

Alright guys and gals, hold on to your butts (and your bucks) because festival season is soon approaching. Gather up your finest flower headbands, bro tanks, flowy skirts and Camelbak backpacks to prepare for one of the craziest festival weekends of the year: Memorial Day. Truth be told, most of us seasoned veterans have picked a destination and emptied our wallets to buy tickets to the event of our choosing, but I know you late comers are out there. image Don't be ashamed, I feel you. You like choice, options. You're indecisive. Let me help you make that decision. While most of you EDM fans will be packing your kandi and totems to head to giant, big-tent festivals like EDC New York, Summer Camp Festival and Sasquatch, hold your horses before you click that purchase button. Imagine a festival out in sunny, Southern California where you have the opportunity to experience more than just music. Where you can check out artwork from all over the world, where you can have your beats at night and your sun salutations in the morning with group yoga, where you've got a marketplace of goodies at your fingertips and still spend less money than most large festivals? I'm in. Join me.

10) The weather is fantastic

Of course we know you'll be getting some sunshine (and a sick tan) in the beautiful state of California. LiB is located in Bradley, just 3 and a half hours northwest of Los Angeles (trust me, for CA, this is not a long drive).  Don't have a car or flying down? No problemo. Give mother nature a break and hop on a Lightning Bus that run round trip from San Diego, Santa Cruz, LA and San Francisco. Travel with friends, grab your camping gear, and prepare to frolic under the sun and stars.

9) There is a lake you guys...A LAKE.

I really don't know if you understand how important this is when camping under the summer sun for three days is involved, but it's important. The festival is located on the San Antonio Recreation Area, and you'll be happy you're next to a fresh body of water when your hair is all crusty and you haven't showered in a while. It's the reality of any outdoor camping festival, so cleanse yourself, child. Lightning in a Bottle

8) Get cultured

My favorite part about Lightning in a Bottle is that it is one of the most multifaceted festivals in the country, especially when it comes to showcasing art. Walk around the festival grounds and there will be art everywhere you look; find art installations that will blow your mind (even up in the trees!) and stop by one of the artists doing some live painting during the day. The best part about this is that organizers have their own non-profit, The Do ArT Foundation that strives to showcase art that encourages human expression. Visit their website and enjoy taking part in the cause in action at the festival.

7) These are the people that put on Coachella's The Do LaB!!

I was at Coachella last weekend, and most of the people I encountered said that The Do LaB was their favorite part.These guys put together an incredible stage, turning the music into much more of a visual experience than you'd get at any of the other Coachella stages. That, plus booking artists like Kill Paris, Kastle, Justin Martin and Sound Remedy made The Do LaB stage one hell of a party! If you experienced The Do LaB at Coachella, expect this...times a thousand.

6) Go listen to music, party and LEARN THINGS

Ok, so we've got music, art and incredible vibes, but while you work your booty and legs while you shake it to the grooves you'll be hearing, might as well work your brain! You'll have access to a number of speakers and workshops; attend a talk on spirituality, human consciousness, sustainability or even ancient civilizations. Don't just expand your musical palate people, expand your mind.

5) Channel your inner yogi

Did you stay up pretty late the night before? It's a festival, let's be real, chances are you definitely did. What about heading to one of many group yoga classes to give the world some sun salutations? Get your namaste on with some of the country's most established yogis, and be ready to stretch and sweat out any bad vibes (or hangovers) that plague your morning. If you're not an early riser, there will be later classes, but how sweet does some stretching, ohms and maybe a few mimosas afterward sound? Meet you on the mat! Lightning in a Bottle

4) The structures

I've already raved about The Do Lab, but there's plenty more awesome structures where that came from. Do all of your yoga and listen to talks/calming music at The Temple of Consciousness, head to the Buddha's Garden installation (3D murals, anyone?) or check out the incredible set ups at any of the stages (Woogie, Bamboo and Lightning included). The heavy influence of art at this festival shines through at each structure that was carefully crafted so that you, me and all of our awesome fellow show goers can have an incredible time.

3) Circus troupes and other acts

One of the highlights of my childhood...syke, still a highlight in my life is being able to go to the circus. Once again, if you were at Coachella, you may have experienced the Lucent Dossier Experience. This LA-based circus troupe is diverse in every way you could imagine; you've got acrobats, stilt walkers, fire eaters, belly dancers, snake charmers and oh yeah, lots and lots of bass. Did I mention that they perform to incredible electronic-rock music while they continue to blow our minds with out of this world Steampunk-meets-other worldly costumes and interactive performances including tarot reading?  There will be a number of other performing acts joining them, but you'll just have to wait patiently for the lineup.

2) The diverse music and lineup

Ah, or course, we get to the core of LiB, the music. Do you like electro, dub, deep house and experimental? If the answer is no, don't cross this festival off your list just yet. I encourage you to try something new. If you're one of those big room, progressive house fans, head to LiB and explore your musical horizons, baby. The lineup ranges from some of the biggest legends in the scene to newcomers alike; be ready to see Moby, Amon Tobin, Gramatik, Baauer, Simian Mobile Disco, Claude VonStroke (Mr. Dirtybird himself), Chet Faker and many, many more. How is the lineup so stacked? Many of these artists don't have to be asked to attend the festival; they CHOOSE to go there. If I haven't sold you yet, check out number 1 and then try to tell me why you're not coming to Lightning in a Bottle. Lightning in a Bottle

1) The incredible people

I haven't been to Burning Man (hoping to go this year, hayyy 2014 burners!), but those who I know that have been to both LiB and Burning Man say that their favorite part of both festivals is the people. We all go for the experience; the music, the stage production, the art projects, but one thing that can truly make or break a festival is the people. The people who attend Lightning in a Bottle are those who are truly out to have a great time, but to also seek only the good in people. You won't find an abundance of fights, and you won't find ragingly angry festival goers here. As humans, young or old, we are all seeking a sense of purpose and consciousness in this world. We want to have faith in a species who can at times disappoint us, who can at times anger us. It makes me happy that we have events like LiB to go and have a good time, but to also help make sure that the human race gets a good rep. Join us, and come to a festival you won't ever forget. Have I convinced you? You can buy tickets to Lightning in a Bottle here and visit their site for more info. Check out the full lineup below! Lightning in a Bottle   [Tweet "Top 10 Reasons I Should See You at Lighting in a Bottle Festival"]