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How intense? ARMIN Only: Intense!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Six hours of Armin van Buuren. Now THAT is intense. Through a sea of blue spotlights, raining confetti and on stage acrobats, Armin did what Armin does best: deliver awe-inspiring music with awe-inspiring theatrics. More than just a non-stop DJ set from open to close, Armin put on a show for the sold-out Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC. Packed with over 16,000 attendees, his show included live vocalists, guitar, piano and acrobats shadowing a huge visual screen enacting the power and passion of Armin's hits. armin-van-buuren-umf From over 20 years of experience in making music, Armin knows how to uplift his crowd with more than just uplifting trance. From slivers of light illuminating a lone guitarist to rows of beams nearly blinding the audience, the ARMIN Only: Intense tour left my ears ringing, my heart pounding and my shoes full of confetti--a huge pile falling out when I took them off at the end of the night! With more than a mere love for the music, this Dutch DJ believes,
 "The only answer to world problems is dancing and connecting with people."
His words bring a smile to my face as much as the smiley faces on the ping-pong balloons surfing the crowd when he drops "Ping Pong" do. Attracting such a diverse audience, does this trance god give us a solution to our problems? Armin really does bring people together in a place they can connect -- and rock the dancefloor. An all-ages show, the Intense tour welcomes the typical teen and young adult goers all the way to older generations, no discrimination. DAve, 49 and from Newfoundland, Canada, is impressed: "Amazing. That was the first full-production show I have seen and he really had it all. Drummer, guitarist, singers, dancers." In true PLUR words, Dave agrees with Armin, "If more people could come together, to dance, to let go and to be accepted, the world would be a much happier place." Perhaps the modern rock concert of EDM, we can only wait to see what Armin will pull out of his sleeve next. I wonder, will it be real lightning on stage?? Like a 5 gum commercial, Armin truly is INTENSE. Haven't seen the ONE and ONLY yet? No problem, Saturday marked the beginning of Part II of the ARMIN Only: Intense tour. Is Armin coming your way? Read the list of future cities and tour dates. [funky_divider] Feature photo credit: DAve Mercer; Photo credit: Matt Hobart