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Madeon Kicks Off June With A Sold Out Seattle Show!

Monday, June 02, 2014
Travis Quick

On March 20, my alarm goes off at 8:45AM HAST (Hawaii's time zone) and I am wide awake knowing I only have 15 more minutes until tickets for Madeon go on sale at Seattle's Foundation Nightclub. Securing a ticket for Madeon was going to be a struggle. Even while on vacation, I knew tickets were going to go fast.The problem was, no one knew just how fast they were going to sell out. As I refreshed my screen at 9 AM I screamed out in horror. screaming-girl Tickets were already on Tier 3. As I quickly clicked all the appropriate buttons I sighed with relief; I had managed to get a ticket for Madeon. In just a little over three hours, all tickets had been sold and the event officially became SOLD OUT! It was time for me to listen to Madeon until the event in three months. And now, the time has come. Just three short days until I am able to see Madeon. Thursday is so close that I can feel the chills and excitement before he takes the stage. Got a ticket and thinking you may not want to go? Horrible choice. Here are the three reasons why you don't want to miss Madeon:

Length of the Set

If you have been fortunate enough to see Madeon in a festival setting over the past few years, you will know that Hugo gets the generic one hour time slot. While there is a lot of discussion about the ideal set length, I can for one say I love to see my favorite artists for well over one hour. ticking-clock As a set passes into its second hour, I start to feel immersed in an artist's true style and feel more connected to them. Knowing that this set will at least be an hour and a half, (if not longer) is 30 more minutes than many others will see from Madeon in the festival circuit this summer. Let me tell you, having that extra amount of time to dance and sing along with my favorite artist is crucial!

His Album is Set to Drop Soon

Madeon has alluded to the potential date for his new album to be released. With summer coming up, along will festival season, I can only assume that Madeon is going to drop some new material that none of us will have heard before. That is a once in a lifetime opportunity right there! Get ready for some ID songs with excited fans who cannot wait for the full album to be released.

Madeon Begins Touring Again

For a quick catch up on where Madeon has been; he has been in the studio for about the past 6 months now working hard on his new album. He has only had two appearances so far this year, both in Vegas. He was set to go to UC Riverside last month, however, the show was cancelled due to weather. This means that Foundation is going to be the FIRST appearance of what is going to be a long schedule of touring for Madeon. The energy he is going to bring to Seattle is going to be some of the best you'll see throughout the year. For all of those people who were not able to get a ticket before it sold out, I am sending you a little luck in hopes you are able to find one and see Madeon in his full glory. For everyone who has a ticket, I will be seeing you there having the time of my life.