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Capitol Hill Block Party Artist Spotlight: ODESZA

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Matthew Jager

Looking for dreamy lyrics, melodic melodies, and chill beats while at the Capitol Hill Block Party? ODESZA has you covered. The duo from Seattle returns to their home city to put on an amazing show for those attending the Capitol Hill Block Party. Their whimsical tracks and slick beats have granted them widespread success and popularity, although their home city loves them the most. There is a lot of excitement about the return on ODESZA to Seattle, and you can be sure they are equally as excited. Their EP, My Friends Never Die, propelled ODESZA into the limelight and their remixes have kept them there. I was initially drawn to ODESZA due to my extreme love of melodic electronic music. Their track Sun Models is so unique and beautiful to me. The use of the female vocals with the laid back dance beats creates one captivating track. This uniqueness and sense of wonder that accompanies ODESZA’s music will be captivating to see when they perform at the Block Party later this month. I am personally extremely excited to see what ODESZA brings for their homecoming show, and I would highly recommend catching them at the CHBP on July 25th from 7:45-8:45 on the Main Stage. Find all of ODESZA’s music on Soundcloud and for more information on the Capitol Hill Block Party and the artists attending check out the links below.

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