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Freaknight Artist Spotlight: Kaskade

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Matthew Jager

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Atmosphere, 4 AM, Eyes, Fire In Your Shoes, Feeling The Night. These are just a small selection of the vast collection of work Kaskade has produced over the course of a decade. Seen by many as one of the best DJs in the world, if not the best, Kaskade has become a champion of acceptance, love, and good vibes. tumblr_mckncqv2uK1r9p722o1_500 His uplifting music has easily placed him in the elite crowd of world class DJs and producers, and his down to earth style, loving nature, and charismatic smile have helped keep him there. I have seen Kaskade twice before, his Freaks of Nature tour and at Paradiso in 2013 where he closed down night one in what some people consider to be the best headliner performance at Paradiso to date. Kaskade even listed Paradiso as one of his favorite memories in 2013. His sets are explosive, moving, and tear jerking all in the course of a hour or two. With his long awaited return to Seattle set for Freaknight 2014, you can say that there is just a tad bit of excitement in the air and anticipation to see what he brings to the freakish festival. Do not miss out on Kaskade when he performs at Freaknight 2014 on October 31st. He is one of the most talented DJs and will deliver an incredible set for those brave enough to venture into the twisted halls of Freaknight. For more information on Freaknight as well as ticketing information, check the link below.  

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