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Get Schooled By The Professors Of Bass At Bass Academy

Monday, August 04, 2014
Matthew Jager

tumblr_n2hbk1tWFG1s6vyqro1_500 USC Events and The Showbox have teamed up to educate us on the finer points of bass. The second annual Bass Academy is now taking enrollment for a night unlike any other. Lead by Professor Figure, Professor Carmack, and Professor Djemba, this year’s Bass Academy will be an extraordinary night of good old fashion bass. Unlike last year where the lessons taught were in the subject of Dubstep by Eptic and Zomboy, this year you can earn your degree in three very different styles of Bass. 10550972_788202257891380_577248295254540411_n


Looking for some 808 bass from the 808? Mr. Carmack will be stepping up to the decks to bring some deep dirty bass with slick beats later this August. With a very unique style, Mr. Carmack will not disappoint those who enroll in his class. His tracks consist of a more experimental style while infusing some more traditional vibes such as well. To say he has one style would be an insult to this master of bass as each track really has its own feel and take on what electronic music should be. Get a proper education with Mr. Carmack later this month at this year’s Bass Academy.


Looking for something a tad less deep in the bass? Djemba Djemba is here to help. Professor Djemba will educate you on the lighter side of bass as his music often consists of more poppy sounds and even some drum and bass beats. Don’t think you can slack off and get off easy with him though. He is a member of the Mad Decent crew after all, and even though they tend to have more frat boy mentalities, this member of the crew will not just down a booze and drop some tunes. Instead, Djemba will be school you with a very progressive and intricate set that covers many a genre off bass. This will be a class you don’t want to skip.


Not a stranger to Seattle, Figure promises to bring some serious bass with him, and maybe a few frights too. Having played at Paradiso in 2013 and recently for the 2014 Paradiso Pre-Party at Foundation Nightclub, Figure returns to educate his students in the darker side of bass. With a dubstep style and a unique spin on classic horror creatures, Figure’s set may just scare you enough so that you never skip class again. Never one to disappoint, Figure promises to bring you an education in bass unlike any other could give you. Earn your degree in Bassology this August with the second annual Bass Academy as part of a special 75th anniversary concert series for The Showbox on August 23rd. Grab your tickets before it is too late at the link below and find additional information on the event as well as the artists attending too. This is a schooling you wont want to miss.