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Orlando Takeover: Wave Racer & Vices

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Gabby Espinet

Let’s file this under, “Things I’ve Never Expected to See,” but hey, it’s 2014, and at this point anything is possible!  With that being said, this past Tuesday I had the wonderful opportunity (thanks to the Evolve Group) to see two up-and-coming favorites, Wave Racer and Vices. Wave Racer Vices, deep in the game, and calling Moving Castle their home, have never failed to impress me, from their remixes to their originals. I just get this feeling of pure joy, it’s almost like I am in some psychedelic form of outer space. I don’t know, that might not make sense/sound crazy, but whatever, judging from the crowd, I think they can relate. Everyone went wild as soon as Vices hit the stage. Fans were dressed in tropical floral shirts and Sperry's, to rave crop-tops and kandi…it was an interesting dynamic. One thing they all had in common though, was that they welcomed Vices’ Jersey club-styled music with appropriate dance moves and rhythmic hand gestures. Fortunately for me, I was able to get in contact with the duo and hit them up with a few questions.

AObeats x Manila Killa x Vices - Food Diaries

OTB: First things first, that was an awesome performance you put on Tuesday, how did it feel performing with an artist like Wave Racer? VICES: It was a really cool opportunity. Both of us are fans of Wave Racer, and pull a great deal of inspiration from his music, so opening for him was awesome. OTB: I recently just moved down to Orlando from NJ, and I can honestly say I miss being able to freely go into the city and attend a variety of shows. How has coming from Orlando influenced your music (its style and genre)? VICES: Orlando is a very big and diverse city. There are a lot of people here because we have a few colleges, plus it’s a huge tourist destination, so therefore, a lot of big name artists come through. This has helped influence us to strive for a more underground sound, something different that most people from around here aren’t used to. OTB: I know you guys joined the Moving Castle roster this year, how has this move affected you as artists? VICES: It’s opened us up to a lot of different opportunities, from making blog connections, to connecting with different artists from around the world. OTB: So I was really excited when I heard you guys play “Food Diaries,” probably one of my favorites on Moving Castle 002, can you explain the process on how the track came to be? VICES: We had been trying to collab with Manilla Killa and AO Beats for a while, even before Moving Castle was a real thing. The four of us had a Facebook group chat titled “Food Diaries of Music Ppl”, since we mostly talked about food.  Eventually, Manilla and AO sent us an unfinished project for the second compilation. We bounced it back and forth a few times, and decided that Food Diaries was a very fitting name. Lol. OTB: I also want to say I was really impressed when you guys played “Horsequake” by Nömak & L'homme Aux 4 Lettres, probably my favorite off of Filet Mignon Volume II. Would you say that any of the members of Point Point (LH4L, Nömak, Devoted To God, Aazar) inspire you when you make music? VICES: Honesty, we weren’t aware of Point Point until this second compilation dropped. We heard the Rusty Hook flip of Lido’s, “Faded” remix, and went through the compilation to find some new tunes to play. “Horsequake” really stood out to us, because we had never heard anything that awesomely intense before. It’s always exciting to stumble upon incredible new music though. OTB: One of the tracks I LOVE LOVE LOVE by you guys is the LIZ – Y2K remix, can we expect more mixes like this? VICES: Possibly in the future. Our Liz remix was a completely sample-based remix, which is something that we are trying to step away from. OTB: What else can we expect this year? VICES: Lots of new music, a few more Moving Castle compilations, and more shows for sure.   Wave Racer   Imported all the way from Australia, was headliner & Future Classic inhabitant, Wave Racer; dressed in black skinny jeans, and a classic cosmic shirt….with apps all over, sounds about right.  The neon-approached musician hit the stage with, “Streamers”, an original that sounds like it belongs in the classic Nintendo game, Kirby…. that could just be me again, but it’s completely logical!

Wave Racer - Streamers 

Stunning the crowd with his Panama remix of “Always” was not the only thing he had in store for us, he eventually played his most recent remix, and my personal favorite, Foster The People’s, “Best Friend”.  It’s one of those rare songs that have the ability to flip your shitty mood into something happy and upbeat.

Panama - Always (Wave Racer Remix)

Foster The People - Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix)

If you haven’t seen Wave Racer or Vices live yet, the only logical thing you can do now is keep up with them on Twitter.  You’ll thank me later.

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