Phaeleh brings the ambient sounds with ‘A World Without’ Tour

Last night I made the last minute decision to go see Phaeleh (pronounced ‘fella’) at The Crocodile in Seattle. After missing his set at Shambhala Music Festival earlier this summer, I was eager to hear the mesmerizing sounds of one of my favorite ambient producers. His intimate set was well received by a crowd of mostly older electronic music fans.

Phaeleh is an artist who has always been true to his sound, producing whimsical down-tempo songs that hit you right in the feels. He’s also a hard-working producer; since 2009, he has released six albums, two of which, A World Without and Somnus, were released in 2014. Download Somnus for free here. In addition to his original work, he has also cranked out some excellent remixes, such as this version of a classic favorite Rudimental track:

Phaeleh’s music is relaxing and beautiful, but his live sets really bring the bass. The bass was dark and rumbling, the melodies lilting, and together they made for an incredible listening experience. He may not be the first artist to make ambient dubstep, but damn, does he perfect that sound. To top off a great evening, he ended his set with my all-time favorite Phaeleh song, ‘Afterglow.’

After the show, my friends and I headed outside to catch a cab, and spotted Phaeleh outside smiling and chatting with his fans. We thanked him for an awesome set, and ended up talking to him for a few minutes. He was such a gracious and humble guy. I have mad respect for Phaeleh, and not just for his musical talents. 10/10 would see Phaeleh again! Click here for information about the rest of his North American Tour.

Hannah King

Hannah King

Hannah resides in Seattle, WA, where she is a University of Washington Creative Writing and Italian student. A long time basshead, she recently discovered a love for house music, especially of the deep persuasion, while on a trip to Ibiza. She is also a lover of all things groovy. When she is not listening to or writing about awesome music, you may find her hula hooping all around the city.
Hannah King
- 6 months ago
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