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Questioning Kygo's DJ Abilities...

Thursday, October 09, 2014
Wesley McLaughlin

Kygo's Endless Summer in Seattle

On October 4th and 5th, Kygo brought his Endless Summer Tour to Seattle for back to back stops with Amtrac and Anna Lunoe respectively. Both shows were sold out far in advanced, one at The Crocodile and the other at The Neptune.  With so much hype built up behind the current tropical house influence we are seeing pop up everywhere, we expected this to be a stellar show. Kygo's Diplo and Friends mix really put him on the map with his remixes of "Sexual Healing", "I See Fire", "Miami 82", and" Younger."  Along with a few of other artists' remixes, this mix was something fresh and new that everyone fell in love with.

Here is where I would like to change up the pace a little bit.

This set is over six months old now, and as a DJ, it seems that you should always be evolving, creating new tracks, and putting together new music. This is the key to diversifying your sets and keeping your fan base coming back for more. However, after attending the two Seattle dates they left us wondering whether or not Kygo even knows how to mix. The exact same set was played both days and it even sounds very similar to just playing every remix he has made on Soundcloud on your speakers at home. With very little transition work, not many effects, and only two CDJs on stage, it was a little underwhelming. Granted he did have a very small table so that could be the issue, but you should still be changing up something each and every night as you listen to new music and find things that you think your crowd will really connect with, or at least tweak it a bit. (What happened to reading the dance floor?) kygo There were probably only two or three tracks that are fresh or we haven't heard on his SoundCloud/in the Diplo and Friends mix on this tour, the main one being his encore track which is his remix of Often by The Weeknd. For those of you who will be attending upcoming dates of this tour, listen to his Diplo and Friends mix a couple days before you head to the show and tell us how similar they sound to you. There is just something to be said when there are balconies at shows and you can watch a DJ do nothing except pump his fist in the air and switch the fader back and forth. I understand that the dude is a stellar producer and have no arguments with that, but I go to a show to see a performance whether it is from Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, or even Kygo.

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So Kygo, this is me challenging you to make a unique DJ mix whenever you have some free time and get it up on Soundcloud for us all to be impressed by. And for the fans, have you been to a Kygo show/are going to one soon? What do you think?