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Why TomorrowWorld Should Be Your Festival of Choice

Friday, October 10, 2014
Tony Apfelbeck

I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about my stories from TomorrowWorld last weekend in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. This is one festival that really has its act together in a big way. We already talked about how unique the lineup for this last weekend, and its European mother festival Tomorrowland, but was but there’s something special about this crowd that is going to be the reason that I will make this my major festival of choice next year as well. It came up quite a bit in conversations I had with other people while I was there - TomorrowWorld has this sort of intangible sense of community and goodwill that’s all around you. 20140927160606_kevin_4148 We all sort of settled on the idea that one of the main reasons for this atmosphere is the 21+ age limit on this festival. I think that it makes a really big difference in the overall experience of the festival and the quality of the crowd to have the older age limit. There could be any number of ways to explain this phenomenon, but the bottom line is I’ve been to other massives all over the country with lower age limits and there is an undeniable difference in the 21 and older crowd. I traveled to TomorrowWorld alone but I wasn't at the festival alone, I made dozens of amazing friends while I was there. FrameStage - CopyTW2014_0926_223228-3870_DVS - Copy Providing attendees with a seamless experience is really big at TomorrowWorld and they do a lot to maintain that ideal. The cashless system makes it so that you can shop for food, drinks or merchandise in the Marketplace by just swiping your wristband everywhere. In fact, there isn’t really a way to buy anything without your wristband. Dreamville camping is integrated into the festival itself in a really nice way so that from the point that you arrive at TomorrowWorld to the point you head home, you are immersed in the festival. Even the cars are parked outside the festival and then everyone has to carry in their camping gear or cart it in.

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TW2014-CCW-Thursday-1607 - Copy Thursday night, they even had a huge stage set up in Dreamville hosting acts like DVBBS, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Sultan and Ned Shepard to celebrate the start of the weekend. Inside the festival itself, there were 7 other major stages as well as other areas hosted by T-Mobile or Bud Light where you could hang out, have a drink and listen to some lesser-known DJs. I even dropped in a few tracks on the CDJs at the Bud Light Rita’s Island on Sunday night thanks to meeting some of the guys who were hosting that party. Between all these different places to hear music, there was a delicious variety of stuff to hear every single day. TW2014-CCW-Thursday-1944 - Copy A lot of people asked me how the weather was in the South, expecting to hear tales of merciless heat and drowning humidity...but honestly, it was really great. At the end of September, things are cooling off a lot around Georgia and the sun rises later and sets earlier than it would midsummer. It was lightly overcast most of the time I was there, with temperatures around 80 degrees during the day and in the 60s at night. I was really pleased not to be roasting in my tent from a blazing sun that rose into the sky at 5:30 in the morning. TW2014-CCW-133548-Friday - Copy I’ll definitely be coming back to TomorrowWorld next year when I’m picking which festivals I’ll be saving up for. If you’re 21+ and you’re looking for the most amazing festival experience in the USA, this is your spot.