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Odesza's Electronic Dreamwave hits the UK

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Gabby Espinet

Autumn would not be the same without a concert, especially when it is free, thanks to Counter Records, Odesza's home record label.

The show kicked off with an indie band called Craft Spells.  It was pretty refreshing to hear an opener in a different genre from the rest, but I guess you can tie dream wave and pop indie together.  It was an interesting 30 minute set to say the least.

craft spells


You Should Close the Door - Craft Spells

The set change took a bit, but I don't think anyone minded, for the only thoughts on everyone's minds were drinks, Odesza and Slow Magic.  I probably shouldn't put drinks first, but the bar was just so convenient.  The only complaint I heard was that they didn't accept credit (that was a struggle for me though too). Side note: My British account has less than a pound on it, so I am living off the American Credit Cards that don't work with the ATMs here, so you can imagine my pain right now...

Anyways, after a good five minutes of everyone chilling at the bar, some loud and strange banter became apparent. Odesza hit up the stage earlier than expected and before I knew it, the show turned into the home base for cans of sardines. The only place left to stand was by the sound technicians, which wasn't too bad.  They were extremely fun to be around because you could see that they were getting into it, dancing and bouncing to the beat. Another side note: if you're looking for the place where the music will sound the best in the crowd of a venue, stand by the sound technicians. I promise.

Odesza basically started off with your typical DJ set, playing old tracks to new.  You could tell who the true fans were too by glancing at people perfectly nodding their heads to the drops.  The others...well, the others were all over the place, especially during "Memories That You Call."  All in all though, people were happy, and there was nothing wrong with the support!

Of course, their last call track was "Say My Name" and songstress Zyra made a guest appearance. That girl can sing, she rocked it and it was  her first show, too.

I will admit, an hour set for them was not long enough at all.  Odesza deserved more time, especially since they just dropped their "Waited 4 U" Slow Magic remix, and I was kind of expecting them to do that together.

Slow Magic - Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)

Anyways, as soon as their set was over, people went back to the bar, waiting for Slow Magic to take the stage. The lights dimmed a bit more and all eyes were focused front and center.  The producer's signature glow in the dark, neon-lit mask suddenly emerged out of the darkness.

I think everyone was feeling Slow Magic's drum set, especially during the transition of "Waited 4 U".  The best part followed shortly after...when he physically took his drum and himself  off the stage and started crowdsurfing.

Bless him.

A track worth mentioning that had that "take over your body" effect was when he transitioned into his rendition of "I'm God" by Clams Casino and of course, his remix of Odessa's "Say My Name".

ODESZA - Say My Name (Slow Magic Remix)

Who else here has been personally victimized by Odesza and Slow Magic (specifically in terms of them taking over every facet of your being)? We had a blast.