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Abandon Ship: Get Ready For Knife Party To Take Over LA

Thursday, January 29, 2015
Monica Uppal

Get ready Los Angeles, because Knife Party is here to tear sh*t up! While not fixated on the superficiality of the music business, Knife Party focuses 100% of their time and energy to bringing new beats and rhythms to crowds, and enabling listeners to divulge fully into the music. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen released their newest album, Abandon Ship, three weeks early, and have been tearing up the music charts ever since. With the ongoing advancement of their music, Knife Party decided to embark on an epic tour across the globe.

Check Out Their Tour Dates

Knife Party will be having their LA show on Friday the 30th at Exchange LA. I have been to this venue a plethora of times, and can tell you it is one of my favorite venues. There are two levels in the venue, in which the lower level usually has an underground or opening DJ that will spin. The visuals are pretty on point by the main stage and the ambiance is great; Exchange reminds me of a semi-formal Vegas nightclub, which means individuals come dressed in non-rave wear. If possible, I suggest that people who have the option to upgrade to VIP do so, because partying all night on the balcony that oversees the main stage and dance floor is probably the best way to dance the night away. Knife Party So enough talk about this venue, lets focus on Knife Party! What to expect from this show? Nothing less than bangers all night. Im especially looking forward to hearing "100% No Modern Talking", as it's my favorite song off the album. Ranging from slow, dark moments, to hyped-up out of control beats, Knife Party takes listeners to a crazy dimension of the unknown. Their music is pure, loving, and about pushing the boundaries to make music that lasts forever. This group is influenced by electro house, dubstep, moombahton, drumstep, and much more, but currently they are most excited about the fusion of house and dubstep, which is evident in their new album.

When asked about how Knife Party came about and what influenced them, Rob explains: "It all really started when we heard some early Excision/Jack Beats/Noisia stuff. They had a few tracks that were borderline dubstep, but at 128BPM with a 4/4 beat, and we fucking loved it – more than any individual house or dubstep tracks. Then people like Skrillex came along, and although everybody was going mental over his dubstep material, the house/dubstep combinations of tracks like "Rock & Roll" were what really excited us. We knew we had something to offer, but couldn't do it properly within Pendulum, especially with all the drum and bass history attached... so we decided to branch off and start fresh. It's an amazing feeling to be starting all over again."

You better be as excited as I am now! Get your tickets HERE! See you on the 30th, LA!


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