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AQUA - The Future of Dance Music Production

Friday, February 06, 2015
Chris Bergin

It's very rare to find a unique idea in the world of dance music. In an industry based heavily on sampling and the utilization of pre-recorded and saturated sounds, the live experience (especially at DJ shows) has attained a new significance. Here to mastermind this shift in nightlife culture, is AQUA. The production company founded by Patrick Brown and Luca Rietti centers the dance experience on our planet's purest resource: water. 1900085_592040797568247_3756423565303760595_n I've seen some unreleased footage of this technology, and it's wildly impressive to say the least. On April 10th you'll have the opportunity to glimpse the future of dance music production, with AQUA's first show of 2015 at The Armory in Albany, NY. image1 AQUA uses lights and water to create inverted UV images, 3D floating water holograms, dancing LED fountains and other surprises they won't tell me about. Combining these unbelievable visuals with dance music and drumming talent, results in an indescribable experience. Check out all the promo video below, and grab your Tickets HERE! Hit up for more info!

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