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Your Last Minute Lucky Checklist

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Erik Skoog

With set times finally released, we are officially ready for Lucky 2015! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="646"] Behold.[/caption] So go put the finishing touches on your costume, make a few more pieces of kandi, plan your schedule with USC's Lucky Adventure Planner, and rally your crew; Only the Beat has a last minute checklist before it all begins.

□ Eat before you leave.

Super important. WaMu Theater does have food available, but the selection is limited and it's all at stadium prices (aka: not cheap). Have a good, nutritious meal shortly before you head out to give yourself plenty of energy for the rest of the night.

□ Comfortable shoes.

Much respect to you girls who can dance all night in  heels, but for the rest of us, future you is going to be so greatful you went to Lucky with arch support. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="650"] If it were me, I'd look like Bambi when he tries to walk on the froze pond.[/caption]

□ A burner sweatshirt.

This is one of my favorite tips I've picked up over the last few years. Bring an old sweatshirt you don't have any attachment to with you to wear in line. Once you're inside, go stash it away in a corner for the rest of the night. If it's still there when you leave, that's awesome. If it's gone, no big's a burner sweatshirt.

□ Deodorant. 


□ YOUR TICKET AND ID (and emergency cash).

You seriously do not want to get all the way there and realize you forgot the only things that are actually getting you into the venue. You can't expect your friends to wait outside for you while you figure everything out. You have your ticket, right? If not you can find them online through Ticketmaster or head on down to the CenturyLink Field box office and avoid fees.

□ Set the schedule as the lock screen to your phone.

Another tip that I love. Some festivals have even started making mobile version of their schedules for this exact reason. [caption id="attachment_31571" align="aligncenter" width="640"]I know, I need to charge my phone I know, I need to charge my phone[/caption] Feel free to use that resized picture for your background. I know it works on an iPhone 5s at least. Also, before you leave: charge your phone, charge your phone, charge your phone. And bring a portable charger if you have it.

□ Gum. 

Be sure the package is sealed when you bring it in and bring enough to share! It's a great way to meet people. Just please don't spit it out on the floor or on someone. Other good ways to meet people include, but are not limited to: paper diffraction glasses to pass out, kandi, a portable cell phone charger, and hugs (permission dependent).

□ Your USC Water Bottle

With the new ban on hydration pouches and camelbaks, this is your next best option. You have to stay hydrated. Just think of it as a $10 investment on your health.

□ A watchful eye.

We have to take care of each other. Make sure you a paying attention for anyone who looks like they might be sick, overexerted, or just not doing well. The conscious crew is always there to help.

□ A rendezvous point.

Let's face it. You're going to get separated from your crew. But that's okay! Spending the whole time trying to keep track of everyone is too exhausting and you'll miss out on a huge opportunity to connect with total strangers. Some of the best experiences I've had is when I go off on my own and am completely left to my own devices. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="671"] "...wait, where are you?"[/caption] But when the lights come on, you want to be able to all get home together safely. Cell phone service is usually spotty at best, so make your plan ahead of time. If one of your friends doesn't show up to the rendezvous point, try to make sure they're safe before you take off.

□ A good attitude and an open mind.

Whether this is your first rave ever or you measure your time in years, this point is crucial. When you walk through those doors, shed any expectations you may have and just live the experience in real time. Maybe pick two or three artists you just have to see, but approach the rest of the night without any real agenda. Go spend some time at a stage you usually wouldn't, explore, relax, dance, laugh, make some new friends, and just soak in how incredible this all really is. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="682"] What's the name of that song again?[/caption] That's it for now, everyone. Be safe, be smart, and have an amazing time. I'll see you all Friday.


____________________________________ One more time for good measure, here's that Lucky 2015 Spotify playlist: