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Lucent Brings Solid Trance to San Diego

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Christina Hernandez

Great news San Diego trance family: your days of having to go to LA for every single quality trance show are finally over! Lucent Events, a trance-centric promotions company ran by Kailin Hwang, is already known for single-handedly making the trance scene a thriving one in Fresno. According to Hwang, it is now time to bring the trance scene to life in San Diego. And my goodness, I have to say Lucent is starting off with a bang - with Indecent Noise and Standerwick headlining the inaugural event in just under two weeks, and Jordan Suckley coming up in May, my ears and body couldn't be any more ready to tear up the dance floor.

Keep your eyes out for more insane trance acts to be announced in the coming months!