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BT Releases Electronic Opus Recap Movie

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Those who were able to witness BT's Electronic Opus during Miami Music Week in March were part of one of the most unique events in electronic music history. Hailed as "transcendent," "stunning," "the catalyst for the future of electronic dance music," and "a journey through nature, beauty, and relaxation," Electronic Opus took its audience on an immersive, emotional rollercoaster through BT's musical career, set to an electronic symphonic arrangement with live orchestra and a 50-foot wide, 15-foot high 3D mapping visual graphics spectacle. An entire year of production and planning culminated into one night where the beautiful re-imagining of BT's most powerful works came to life. Now those who didn't attend are able to get a glimpse into this historic feat of technology and composition through the five minute after movie made possible by BT, thousands of Kickstarter backers, Tommy Tallarico, conductor Eímear Noone, TANZ Group and Volvox Labs. Not only do you get to hear BT's beloved "These Silent Hearts" with Christian Burns as it was live, but you'll get a preview of the sounds from the upcoming, full-length Electronic Opus album. Subscribe to the Electronic Opus e-mail list and follow BT on your favorite social-media platforms to be the first to know about future shows in your area and details surrounding the upcoming Electronic Opus album release. For more information about Electronic Opus, visit or, or follow on Twitter @ElectronicOpus.