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Oasis Provides Unique Bubble of Fun For Underground EDM Fans

Saturday, June 13th marked the inaugural date of San Diego's newest festival series, Oasis. Drawn there by a random Facebook post and a good lineup, we here at Only The Beat decided to investigate how this festival stood up to others. We had arrived right as JACKLNDN was finishing up his set and Penguin Prison was preparing to take the reigns. Right off the bat, Oasis proved that it was going to be a good event. Although the venue itself was small with only ~500 people maximum capacity, it was reminiscent of Lightning in a Bottle (LiB) in that it was a mini-dustbowl filled with people working on live art projects and cool architectural structures. The energy was similar too; everyone there was extremely laid-back, friendly, and there to dance and enjoy the music. We felt right at home within thirty seconds of entering! As Penguin Prison came on, we were still happy to see that he had brought some live elements to his DJ set by singing the vocals on his own; this was awesome, albeit he did not really transition his songs as a DJ normally would in their sets. Afterward, it was time for Oliver. While down a member, just one Oliver was enough; he threw down a wicked set filled with classic Oliver tunes and a dance-able melange of deep and tech house. Finally, it came time for Gaslamp Killer to take the stage. Although appearing as a gentle, easy-going hippy, this hippy ran the trap and surprised everyone, even dropping some brand new Thundercat and James Blake. Overall? Oasis festival was a very enjoyable experience, taking the chill vibes of the San Diego music and art scene and combining it with top-notch electronic acts. We will definitely be in attendance for next month's installment, which already has an excellent first-tier lineup! Peep the flier below:   Oasis Festival