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TomorrowWorld Partners With World-Class Chef And Opens Totem Contest

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Who wants to have a 10 course meal at TomorrowWorld, overlooking the Main Stage, and prepared by Top Chef finalist, Kevin Gillespie? That was a stupid question because the answer is obviously everyone. Well, this is the latest feature that will be at this year's Atlanta-based festival. At each of the three nights, Chef Kevin Gillespie will be preparing a specifically-devised meal based upon one of his three restaurants. The first being BBQ from Terminus City, second being the international flavors from Gunshow, and the third being from his Revival restaurant that will be classic Southern style. Gillespie will also be holding that 10 course meal I mentioned with friends, and will be handing out special picnic baskets to each attendee. If you're a little strapped for cash and going to the festival General Admission, you do have one last chance to be living, treated and eating like a king with TomorrowWorld's Totem Contest. Somehow incorporate this year's festival theme into your totem or the TomorrowWorld logo, and you then have the creative freedom to outshine your competitors for VIP ticket and a creative mentoring session with the director of TomorrowWorld. More information on the Totem Contest is available here and you can still grab your tickets for this year's festival here. TW15-015_SM_TW-RESTAURANT-VISUAL[2_[1_1_ 076ADCB7-2639-438D-BEEF-59ACFDA0233A