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Haywyre Gives Us Two Fold Pt. 2, The LP and Tour

Friday, February 12, 2016
Alex Zimmerman

It's not everyday that a talent like this comes around. Armed with over 14 years on the piano, Martin Vogt, better known as Haywyre, takes his listeners to another level on his latest LP Two Fold Pt. 2. After releasing part 1 in 2014, the Indiana native is poised to make a big splash in 2016 with Part 2, giving us 9 tracks of new age, experimental electronic music breaking down barriers between genres. Check it out below.

Haywyre - Two Fold Pt. 2

It doesn’t take long to drop into the psychedelic elements of the LP with“I am Me” and it's 80s style classic rock guitar performed on Martin’s keyboard. Sliding straight into “I Am You,” Daft Punk-esque vocals overlay the bouncy future bass melody as Haywyre’s signature complex synthesizer sounds gear you up for the ride he has in store.

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Haywyre picture editTwo Fold Pt. 2 is a performance of art, and each track leaves me more and more impressed by Haywyre’s quality of production with intricate details, memorable melodies, and hundreds of sounds mixed perfectly into each song. He clearly does not define himself by one genre, as “I Am You” infuses future bass, “Impulse” crosses techno and breaks, “Do You Don’t You” reminisces of old school house music, and “Transient” is a beautiful classical piano piece, perfect for the thought-provoking moments of the night. Electronic music is finding its groove as producers are pushing boundaries by meshing genres, unique sounds, and amazing musical talent into pieces of art that will surely stand the test of time. Haywyre is definitely an artist at the forefront of this, pushing electronic music into the next generation. Don't take my word for it though, just check out who he's been opening for in the past year. Haywyre made quite an impression on the dance music community as he opened for Mat Zo last winter, in addition to playing along with Zedd during his True Colors tour in Asia. 2016 is sure to expand on that success as he embarks on an accompanying album tour across North America this spring, starting February 11th. He will also be hitting Backwoods Music Festival this year in Stroud, Oklahoma. Check out the tour dates below. haywyre two fold pt 2 tour post

The album is available for purchase on  iTunes, Google Play or Bandcamp or for free download from BitTorrent. Grab your ticket now for his Two Fold Pt. 2 Tour, hitting 18 cities across North America and follow Haywyre on social media and Soundcloud for more news and music from the Monstercat artist.

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