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Not Like That x Smoothie Tunes Present: London Showcase at The Yard

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Gabby Espinet

March 5th is going to be a night like no other.  Two collectives, Not Like That and Smoothie Tunes will join forces and showcase London's talented electronic scene.  The URL to IRL event is something you are not going to want to miss. Duskus, Fork and Knife, Mitch Wade Cole, Nikita, Jackson Waites, and Kaelyn will be taking the stage. Visuals by Mineral Lick, Rosie Roche, and Lazer Sausage will light up The Yard. So gear up for a late night session (10 PM-3 AM) and prepare for some NLT x Smoothie Tunes. If you before 12 AM, entry is £5. If you happen find yourself arriving after 12 AM, throw in an extra £2.

So, without further adieu...

NLT x Smoothie Tunes Party Trailer

What can you expect?

As electronic music remains a constant, the sets will transition from throughout the night. The co-founder of collective Kaleido, Duskus, is headlining the event putting on all sorts of futuristic feels. Brighton's very own, Mitch Wade Cole will be representing Not Like That's futuristic scene with songs like This is When We and experimental tracks like Electric Bath Duck. NLT's co-founder, Andrew Perring, will be making a special performance under his stage moniker, Fork and Knife. He will bring in playful Pop-infused electronic vibes off of his latest ditty, Limbo. Mastermind behind The Soul Diaries, Nikita Chauhan will be entertaining for the night as well. She will be playing the latest and greatest in the realm of all things chill.  Radio enthusiasts can listen to her show via Roundhouse Radio on Friday's at 5 PM (GMT). The radio world will continue to take you by storm with another DJ, particularly from First Ear Music, who goes by Jackson Waites.  He will be shining light on the down low of chill and future so be prepared to listen to the underground of the underground. Last and certainly not least on the line-up is beauty and the bass producer, Kaelyn.  In the mood for chill ambient vibes or a bass induced atmosphere?  A dose of Kaelyn is exactly what you need. No need to worry about taking supplements wisely.

NLT x Smoothie Tunes @ Yard Theatre

With that being said, you have two weeks, so gear up for a night of fun!  Hope to see you all there and remember to RSVP on your favorite digital platform.