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Global Dance Festival: The Countdown is on for 2017

Sunday, July 31, 2016
Zach Anderson

It's hard to believe that Global Dance Festival has come and gone this year. Everyone attending the massive celebration was ready to welcome the festival into its teenage years. There's no question why artists and fans travel from all over to be here. Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado is one of the most recognizable, beautiful and unique places in the country to see a live music. Now that the festival has come to an end, Only The Beat is here to fill you in on what went well, what could be improved and what we are looking forward to next year!

Day One

Starting off each day at the Thirsty Lion Gastropub in Denver, a large group gathered in Union Station for the shuttle service provided by CIDentertainment.  Taking the shuttle to and from Red Rocks was extremely convenient and we would recommend it to anyone going to a show out there. With the logistical nightmare usually known as "Who's Driving" taken care of, everyone was able to focus on the most important part...having fun. The shuttle picked festivalgoers up 30 minutes before the gates opened. Driving towards the monoliths, you could see the excitement building as we approached Red Rocks. Exiting off Route 7o in Morrison, Colorado individuals began searching out their windows. Most looking to catch a glimpse of the Red Rocks for the first time. With little to no traffic, it was not long before we were parked and as the door opened, the dry, hot Colorado air engulfed each one of us as we stepped off the shuttle. For some, this would be their first venture to the famous outdoor venue. With headliners like Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Knife Party, DJ Snake and W&W there was no doubt that this weekend would be one for the history books. Each of these artists brought their own unique style and personal touch to the stage. Daily lineups were well-balanced, supporting a wide range of genres between the Main Stage, NRG Stage and Global Dance Music Stage. Artists did a good job of complimenting each others styles, and kept energy levels high between the sets. One of our favorite parts of GDF was how well they introduced new and upcoming artists, along side the veterans of the scene. The stand out performance that caught our attention during day one was Bear Grillz! Its was 90+ degrees out, blazing hot under the stage lights. There was little air movement and without skipping a beat B. Grillz in full costume was killing it left and right; similar to watching unsuspecting salmon swim upstream when it's dinner time!

Bear Grillz - Every Day

Day Two

Going into the second day it was made crystal clear that temperatures would be in the 90's. Numerous notifications had been released reminding everyone to drink plenty of water and help fellow patrons in need of assistance. Entering the festival was relatively hassle-free. From what we had experienced, and speaking with others, lines moved along very smoothly. Security made it perfectly clear to everyone, that their pockets were to be emptied and any bags they planned on bringing inside were subject to search. Security conducted these searches professionally of each person and their belongings, without being too invasive of one's personal space. Upon entering the gates, Red Rocks staff was courteous and willing to assist you in the right direction. Whether it be to your seats, concessions, restrooms or a place to fill up your water bottle. One of the most underlying issues we hear about the most are the attitudes of festival staff and security. These play a major part in the overall experience one is likely to have. Which is why we are so happy to say that the staff at Red Rocks is amazing. Their positive energy, smiles and willingness to help was contagious!


Our standout performance during day two was "Brillz". He was on our list of top can't miss sets at the festival. After hours of dancing and sweating in temperatures that nearly broke triple digits, his performance stood out by demanding every last bit of energy the crowd had. The visuals were dope and his tracklist was stacked with bangers that had everyone bouncing from start to finish.

Brillz feat. Drones - We Bring The Fire

Day Three

Day three was spent playing cardio king hustling up and down Red Rocks Amphitheatre catching different sets. Audio engineers did a great job keeping sound levels in check between stages preventing sound bleed. Vendors selling merchandise were located just far enough away from the stages where you could hold a conversation and not yell at one another. Food and drink prices were reasonable, nothing that would break your bank.  All the festival foods were represented mini pizzas, cheese steaks and soft pretzels. Standing atop the venue, looking out over the crowd getting ready for the final headliner to take center stage was incredible. Walking down to the main stage for the last time that weekend with sore muscles and sunburnt skin; everyone was all smiles for final standout performance of the weekend DJ Snake.

Opportunities for Improvement

One of the most talked about improvements for next year would be faster/easier access to water stations for water bottles or camelbaks. Filling up in the bathroom caused long lines which then bottlenecked the entrance and exits the restrooms. Providing a watering point away from the restrooms would solve that issue. The second improvement which is nothing new, is keeping non-VIP ticketholders out of the VIP area. There is only a small rope that separates the areas and once it gets dark out it's easy to sneak in. While security did an amazing job of spotting those who were not supposed to be there, it seemed like every time we turned around someone else had snuck in. Overall, everyone we spoke with enjoyed themselves, and while things went really well, these were the few improvements that were mentioned. Only The Beat wants to thank Global Dance, Red Rocks, & AEG Live for having us this year! We're already looking forward to celebrating number fourteen with you next Summer!

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